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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-Another Family
Welcome to an alternate family timeline, where the Joestars don't exist, but the Morningstars do. Set in different timelines, this sort of follows the plot of JJBA, but we're making our own Bizarre Adventure, RP Here.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-The Legacy Never Dies
It's been 50 years since the battle between the head of the Dawnstar family, Jonathan Dawnstar and his nemesis Dio Brando took place, and Jonathan's demise. However, evil never rests, and it's up to the subsequent generations to battle evil where it stands before it infects the rest of the world. Join as we decide the fate to this alternate family to the Joestars.. RP here.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Brighter Stars
The year is 1985, 67 years after brothers Joshua Joestar and Dario Brando engaged in a duel that would determine their destiny. Joshua sacrificed himself to destroy the evil Dario. Now the year is 1985, Philadelphia. Joshua's grandson, Job Joestar is about to embark on a quest to discover his destiny and destroy DARIO once and for all.
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JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Somewhere In Time
The year is december 1989. A sinister duo lurks in the background, threatening the peaceful seaside town of Paradise City. Next you are going to ask yourself "Do I want a bizzare adventure!" A custom JJBA rp forum with its own setting. Please dont expect Wrrrryyyyyyy's, Ora Ora Ora's, or Muda Muda Muda's. Quoting the Duwang gets you the bonus points.(please dont though)
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Collateral History
The History of the Joestars is one of many hardships and much pain. But the epic tales of the Joestars only scratch the surface of what their world truly faces. Many tales go unspoken. Perhaps you would like to hear them? Then please, come inside...(OC's Welcome!)
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Jojo's Bizarre Discussion
This is where we talk about Jojo's. It's glory... It's wtf's and everything in between...
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Jojo's Bizarre Crossover Adventure!
This are the topic about what could make a good crossover with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. as well as topics on Jojo's as a hole. Challenges are allowed.
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure RP
All roleplayers must be of a semi-literate level.
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JoJo's Bizzare RolePlay
Join in the battle between light and darkness! Be a stand user, or a Vampire? Maybe even use Hamon! The world is yours for the taking!
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Foro Fabuloso
Aquí el primer foro en español de este Anime/Manga con peleas, poses fábulosas y demás cosas, pueden divertirse en este foro si quieren o hacer temas.
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JOJO BA writers forum
This is a forum for all you JBA Fans and writers out there. Here, we'll talk about anything from JBA to music or whatever.
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JoJo Stand Idea Requests
If you have a rough idea for a Stand but don't know where to go with it, call Master StandSmith WewieM8Y. I'll help you, free of charge. Just don't ask me to draw.
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Jojo's Bizzare Adventures the tenth name
the story takes place from the beginning of the first JoJo's bizzare adventures JoJo's, taking the role of JoJo's read through find all the hidden secrets krept from withen
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