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Junjou RP!
A place to RP as your favorite Junjou characters! Let's have some yaoi fun!
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Junjou Romantica RolePlay Group
Title says it all. Junjou RP group! Calling all Junjou ROmantica lovers. Please join! XD Sorry, No OC's allowed here. WARNING: Roleplay may contain explicit scenes boyXboy love, which are not suitable for minors and may affect the minds of the weak.
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Junjou needs more RolePlay!
REFRESHED! Original characters mainly please - unless you have one to spice things up a bit? ;D All are Welcome! Join now, Junjou needs more love! Warning - major boyxboy cuteness!
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AlterEgoists Let's Talk About JR FanFiction
So, there have been these amazing discussions popping up on my reviews lately, demonstrating just how thoughtful and insightful fanfiction readers truly are. First topic: What's your Yaoi story? So far people are just posting replies under butterflyquvrs.
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Cracking Up Junjou Romantica
What does it mean to Crack Up Junjou Romantica? Simply it is to create stories based on crack non-canon pairings of the cast within the JJR fandom. Therefore only crack pairs will be discussed, recommendations for nicely written JJRC.
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Usamisaki. Figure it out.
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Junjō Romantica RPG
Junjō Romantica Role Playing Game. All are welcome. Main characters or OC's
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Calling All Fans!
Because there were no forums for this wonderful yaoi anime!
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Junjou Romantica OVA Release date: December 20,2012
Good news! A OVA for JR will be released in December of this year. But what we fans don't know what it is about. Will it be Romantica, Egoist, Terrorist or all three into one OVA? All ideas for how you think it will turn out are welcome here.
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Junjou Drabble
It seems like Junjou isn't getting that much attention IT NEEDS SOME! Come here to do... whatever!
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junjo egoist
for all you NowakixHiroki fans out there to talk about them
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Fans of Junjou Romantica!
Talk about anything that you wish! Fav pairings, fav scenes or book, what you didn't like, etc!
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Junjou RPG!
So hai! well, lets make up some story about junjou romanticaa, you can be another charecter that doesnt exist, or a charecter that does :D
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The Junjō Romantica RPG
A Junjō Romantica Roleplay for everyone to enjoy! No original characters please! Be warned that scenes might contain explict yaoi scenes that might not be appropriate for younger audiences.
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Junjou Romantica 1 y 2
konichiwa ! hola entre buscando un foro , para conversar acerca de este hermoso anime/manga y no encontre ninguno en español buuu , asi que todas y todos los fans , unamonos
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HELP! Junjou Romantica fandub!
Junjou Romantica Fandub." HELP! Please people! Help me on this project! I really wanted to do a fandub of Junjou Romantica... but I don't have a cast and crew to start with... so please read, and tell me what you think!
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No Clue
This is all Misaki and Akihko will only be about 3 pargraphs I really do hope you enjoy.
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Junjo Romantica Challenge
I was disapointed when I saw no forums where someone could place a story challenge, for Junjo, for authors. So, come and place story challenges for this anime!
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misaki starts having nightmare of being raped by haruhiko
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Junjou Romantica
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Misaki New Love
Misaki becomes mysteriously pregnant.
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junjou romantica fanfic
When usagi goes on a bisness trip to England and misaki couldn't come with him there's a wild storm going on in town and all the lights fell out. the whole city has no power/electricity nothing now misaki has to find out a way to survive the hard/dark storm but how...
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I love yuu
After yuu got his heart broken by his childhood lover he starts to work for ijuuin and the kan and starts to fall for ijuuin while ijuuin can't help but love yuu.
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Brothers quarrel
This story is about if Takahiro and Misaki were twins and Misaki was in love with his brothers best friend. Hope you enjoy ... disclaimer I don't own anything Junjou
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la media hermana de usami san (usagi san X misaki )
Usami akihiko el famoso novelista le darían una noticia que jamás le habían dado ya que su padre le había ocultado sobre su hermana .
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