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Kampfer Roleplay!
Come here for Kampfer roleplay. Abide by the rules please.
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Kämpfer (RP)
Mizuki Usagi, the student council president, was taking a nap on her free period since she has been studying all night for her history test. Her free period is then over and it's time for the test but something was different, Mizuki was a guy! Discovering later on that she became a Kampfer answered her question about how she became a boy. What will Mizuki do to keep her secret hidden!
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Kampfer: The Next Generation Roleplay
Years after the original Bracelet war, a new set of Seitetsu Students will come upon the unenviable task of taking the reigns of combat. Will not Die.
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Kampfer Roleplaying Forum
Just a place for me and my friends to roleplay when we're bored
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Asakust's Kämpfer forum! Feel free to discuss Kämpfer and Kämpfer Fanfics! Registered Users can create topics.
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