K Project!
Kings, Clans, Auras, Power. Wish to have it all? Battle with other gangs, seek the murderer of your Clansmen. Gain power beyond human comprehensions? Enter the city of the Kings!
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K Project!
This RP takes place several years after the deaths of the original characters now it's your turn to rise and be a king or serve under the king of your choosing. The choice is yours!
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K Project Roleplay
Shizume City, a city in which each of the seven Kings participate in battle, where ordinary citizens live without worrying about these so-called battles or seek power and where someone searches for themselves.
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K Project Yaoi
POSt anything under the sun about the sexy bishies/yaoi pairings of K Anime Project!
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K Project RP
Would anyone be interested in a K Project RP on here? Because I've been looking for one for awhile.
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K-Project Fanfiction Challenges
Does exactly what it says on the title! This is a forum made to provide K-Projects writers with fun challenges, inspiration or a cure for writer's block. So, Come on in and join the fun!
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Chit chat with the man of K project!
so this one was my very first fanfic i ever did, so, please, dont hate .
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