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Kamichama Karin RP!
Create your own characters and take part in this actionpackedtotally weirdreally funny Role play!
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Kamichama Karin Koolness
Discussions are about just about anything. ESPECIALLY if you have ANY info on when Chu is coming out! No spoilers though.
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Who should Karin choose?
Who do YOU like better? Which chaicter do YOU like with Karin? Are you a Kazune girl? Or do you like the idol Jin? Maby your favoute is big brother-like Michi? Whatever your choice talk about it here!
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KK keep breathing
A Kamichama Karin Forum. Feel free tojoin in with any discussion, whether it be from whether it be that Kazune looks better in girls clothes or what color Karin wears the most. Join in the fun.
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kamichama kairn becoming an anime cool or what
just a discustion about kamichama kairn
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Karin meets the popular people
Uh OH Karinchan,Kazunekun, and Himekachan meet THE most POPULAR STUDENTS IN THE SAKURA KAOKA Jr.HighHigh School.i added high school so i own it Karin ran quickly to gym until she ran over THE TOP POPULAR SCHOOL NO OTHER THAN SAKATI KAOKA.
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Kamichama Karin Discussion Community
Discuss about Kamichama Karin,
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Kamichama Karin
talk about Kamichama Karin, including spoilers from Chu such as the truth about Rika, and finding people who are into the same things...besides Kamichama Karin.
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Karin Chat
Just a place to chat about Kamichama Karin! All are welcome!
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Kamichama karin meets a bunch of kids who are clon
What happens when karin meets these kids after she found out about her and Kazune are real couples and they are married.Well this is were you find out.
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Any favorite moments from the manga or naime? Or do you jsut want to talk about your favorite thing from Kamichama Karin? If so please do tell and come here!
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Who's a better pair: KarinxKazune, KarinxJin, or M
Well, who do you guys think is a better couple? I rather prefer Kazune and Karin, but I'm getting bored of them now. What do you guys think?
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Roleplay Kamichama Karin
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In the mistery love karin
di pagi yang cerah karin bangun dari tidur nya pagi itu sangat indah karin terbangun"huaaah sudah pagi!"kata karin.Karinpun bergegas mandi,"byar byur"
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Karin and Kazune?
Kazune and Karin has been living under the same roof, They confess their love. BUT! It all falls down hill. Will Karin and Kazune Come out of it? Or will they Both find others to Love?
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