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KHR Nuova RP World
This a mostly OC centric RP. But by request you may control canon characters. This is mostly the same world but from other OC character's point of view.
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KHR Pairings Writing Contest
Love writing romance stories for KHR pairings? Then come on over! We'll be hosting contests for various pairings from time to time, so let's have fun writing together, ne? :D
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KHR: Nuova RP Gen 2!
Zero was vanquised 25 years ago, and since then our heros and heroines have moved on, now it is time for the next gen to take the reins, come nad join us have fun!
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KHR! RP Private
Mine and my twin Yuikudo's private roleplay! M-RATED! Read at own risk! We warn you, beware of the smuts and crazyness!
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn Roleplay
Roleplay as an original character from KHR, or make your own OC! You can be in TYL, or in the present...! Come and be part of a mafia family!
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Vongola Accademia
Welcome, dear students! Welcome to Vongola Accademia a place where young mafiosos learn to be a great boss, a great hitman or hitwoman, a great guardian or simply a great mafioso. Each classes are divided for their Ability, Flames and Age. But there is also a time where they are not only in school! So sign up for the Academy and start learning! [CLOSED]
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Vongola International Academy - VIA
Ciao, dear student. Welcome to V.I.A, to learn and have an adventurous trips with other OCs. Surprises will be waiting. [Needs RPers.]
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Mafia School
Welcome to the Mafia School! This is the right place if you wish to be a successful mafioso. Learn the art of being a great Boss, or how to successfully stop being "one of the many members of the Famiglia". Create your own character or claim a canon, anything is possible here! But remember, la strada per il successo è lastricata di fallimenti.
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Favorite Pairings: KHR
Discuss all your favorite pairings and the chances of them actually being together in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Yaoi, Yuri, the strange, the wacky, the canon, All and Any types of pairings are accepted here!
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Vongola Mafia Academy
Hope to meet all RPers who are new! We'll always welcome you! This academy expects the best out of you! Check Chat if you are new. Directions are posted there! AND WE DON'T BITE EITHER! If you're just browsing, Ariagatou for coming over! I'm almost always on, so I reply really fast! (Just to tell you!)
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Mafia Camp
Congratulations! You are invited to the Mafia Camp, the elite school of the best Mafiosi! There are just three basic school policies: Learn to live, fight to survive, and escape to become the greatest Mafiosi you'll ever be!
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The Next Generation
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KHR Authors Forum
Drop by and let's chat!
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Light within Darkness: A New Beginning
After the rise of the Vongola Decimo, the Vongola was turned back to the ideals of the founder: a vigilante group meant to protect others. Yet, even as the years flew by, the mafia was stained ever darker with many Famiglias playing the strict succession of the Vongola to their advantage and killing off the heirs. The heir to the title of Vongola Quindicesimo (XV) has been chosen; join him in his journey to become the next boss of the Vongola.
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Favourite and Least Favourite Characters?
There are some seriously awesome characters in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. So come here and talk about them! What you like, what you don't... This is where you do it!
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Another KHR Roleplaying Forum
Yes, there are enough of these forums, but they've been going for a while and it's almost scary to join, so I thought, I'll just start a new one! The roleplay will be limited to Canon on most of the roleplays, but there can be some with OC's. Mostly for canon, though. Anyone can join!
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1827 Fangirl Society
This here is where you can fan girl all you want about one thing. 1827! It's all in the title. All in the title.
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Hitman Reborn Roleplay
A new forum dedicated to roleplay we would love it if you joined
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Just another Forum
It's just another forum, ya know? I realized that there are no KHR forums that just talk about KHR AND pairings AND wasn't a roleplay. Talk about anything! If it has to do with KHR then just talk!
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn Writing Challenges
Come here to post your challenges for the Katekyo Hitman Reborn fandom. Any challenges are allowed, just please follow the template when posting to make it easier on all users.
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The Black Lotus Society KHR RP
It has been ten years since the Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi, went missing, leaving his older sister, Sawada Miakis, in charge of the Vongola Decimo. Instead of mourning, Miakis has created a group of people...just for this cause.
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The OFFICIAL KateKyo Hitman Reborn ROLEPLAY!
Come one, Come all with your dying will modes, tonfas, Uri's, Enzo's, poison cookings,bazookas,EXTREME punches,baseball bats, etc. This is the forum where roleplays do happen! Cannon characters needed please! All are welcome to join!
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Sujet général
Vous chercher des fanfics sur un sujet, un nouveau site web pour lire des reborns, vous avez des défis a proposé, vous cherchez un traducteur ou parler de vos couples ou fic favoris. Alors se topics en français est faite pour vous!
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KHR - Recs, Challenges and Canon RP
A forum for people looking for contests, challenges, exchange fics, recs, canon/OC roleplay and to chat/discuss the craziness that is this fandom!
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Role Play! be a mafioso!
come join the KHR cast roleplay as the Canon characters or make your own... come here be a mafioso!
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