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Kaze no Stigma
Welcome, everyone! For the revival of this extraordinary anime, the forum will be used mainly for roleplaying, chatting, and debating! Feel the cool wind against your skin, or the hot heat coming from Enraiha! You don't want to miss out on the chance to join this forum!
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Kaze no stigma RP BABY!
why because this is a sweet awesome show!
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Kaze no Stigma
For all Kaze no Stigma fans out there! Come here and join the fun! Talk about the characters, Role Play, and to discuss fics that will be here soon! Also lets find new friends! Let the fun begin!
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Stigma of the Wind
A new Kaze no Stigma forum is here! Have a wonderful time roleplaying as your own character in a whole new world, and claim a canon character, if you'd like. Discussion of the anime and manga, is welcome here, as well. Remember, this forum is not the same as others, so keep an eye out. We love new members, so don't hesitate to become a part of the forum!
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The Kaze no Stigma Symposium!
For all Kaze no Stigma lovers out there! Talk about the anime, discuss the manga, debate characters, discuss upcoming fics, find beta readers, and find friends. Let the Kaze no Stigma Symposium begin!
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Stigma Of The Wind Fan Club
A Club for all fans of the anime Kaze No Stigma/Stigma of The Wind. Everyone is welcome.
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the closet
two girls findthese odd looking papers that after followingthe instructions they find themselves in a very interesting situation...includes more animes then kaze no stigma...many more...you have been warned:)
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When Blood Calls
An RP/Chat for my FanFic When Blood Calls! Anyone who wants to participate is more than welcome!
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