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Romantic Roleplaying
Love is in the air. Come and be one of the characters or create your own. Join the fun.
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Who gets Yoshimori?
Now I understand in the world of Kekkaishi, the main pairing is YoshixTokine... But who truly deserves Yoshi? Gen? Or Tokine? It can only be those two since I can see Yoshi with Gen or Tokine... although I'm a GenxYoshi fan...
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the kekkaishi RP forum!
In this RP world, place like karasumori is divided into six other separated places i this world. karasumori, kujakumori, tsubamemori, Hatomori,Takamori,and washimori. be the kekkaishi and pick the land u wanna be the guardian of!
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Yoshimori and Tokine Fanfic
A Yoshimori and Tokine fanfic rated M
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I'm in the mood for an Rp :!
Basically, I want to start an original character Rp set in the Kekkaishi world; however I'm also open to doing a cross over as well with another anime that's similar to the overall plot of Kekkaishi D.Gray Man, Bleach, or etc . Oh, well let's do some dis
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Create your own Kekkaishi Topics here! Instead of making a new forum
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