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Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple: The new masters of Ryozanpaku
Many years after the end of the manga, Kenichi and Miu decide to take over as the elders of the Ryozanpaku dojo. The old masters have passed on or gone into retirement, so new ones have arrived to take their place.
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Kenichi RP's
Ever wanted to create your own story in the world of history's strongest disciple? Here's your chance. Try not to God-ify characters, and play fair. This is Diego Style Entertainment. XD
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Kenichi's love
A place for all of Kenichi's pairings
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Kenichi challenges
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Of Mightiest Disciples and Monsters
An R.P where you play as a disciple to one of the martial arts, (includes western style things, and others) A twist is that there are monster from rosario vampire are in the world.
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