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The Forum Threads of Fate
TFTOF: /THee-four-um-THreds-uhf-fahte/ Noun. 1. An epic, amazing (though kept PG-13) forum with even more awesome people that want you to join.
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Kill La Kill Awesome RP!
Welcome to the world of Kill La Kill :D! Create a OC or control a Canon and RP and as well as battle and chat to your heart's content as of now you are apart of Kill La Kill Universe!
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United Nations Academy
The United Nations have created a school for students of all countries and background attend. However it seems many of the students are wearing clothes fused with remaining life fibers. The school can not handle these students and ask for help. (Oc's and Cannon Characters Available.)
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A Demon in A Angel's Mask
A new transfer student comes to Honnoji Academy and she is sweet as candy but a student piss her off and a quick as a snap, that student was found 50,000 miles away from the school and the student was also dead and the place where the student was stand at was destroyed and the people that was near the accident only one thought in their mind "what the heck is this girl", she said " what am I is a-" her smile turn into a evil grin "demon in a angel mask", what will happen, you will have to read the story to find out.
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