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KNB Author Forum
A forum where writers and readers can come together to post questions about fic writing, participate in review games, request for betas, or just come and join in on character discussions! Please use this forum as a reference tool if you're hesitant about posting/continuing stories due to fear of OOCness, misinterpretations, and any other problems! We would be glad to help!
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Kuroko no Basuke RP
The 'Generation of Miracles' have a family of their own after they finished college. Now after years passed by, new players came and gave a shock to the Basketball world! Now, when the second comming of the 'Generation of Miracles' came what will happen?
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The Other Sports Clubs
The high schools that the KnB characters attend have other sports clubs, right? Well, it's time for them to take the spotlight, compete for their schools, and interact with the other clubs! Need OCs, cannon characters, and Mods. Will cross over with other sports anime, such as Free! and Haikyuu!, may cross over briefly with other School-Life anime/manga. Starts at the beginning of the manga/anime-cannon deviation.
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Kurobas en Español
Los invitamos a descargar su imaginación y locuras en este nuevo foro. En honor al anterior, respetaremos las reglas, ¡Esperamos que se diviertan!
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Kuroko's Basketball
A forum for the fans of Kuroko No Basuke/ Kuroko No Basket/ Kuroko's Basketball since there wasn't one. It contains fic request form, pairing discussions, general chat, and more.
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Seirin High's GoM
An active, fresh 2015 roleplay based on Kurokos Basketball. Seirin High has new players, and a new manager who aim for the top team in Japan after the legendary Generation of Miracles. Manager: 0/1 Players: 1/5
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Recherche fanfiction Fr
Tu voudrais trouver des Fanfictions sur Kuroko no Basket mais tu ne trouves pas ? Avec différent pairing ? Des One-shots ? Du yaoi ? Du yuri ? Du hétéro ? Plusieurs genre ? Alors vient poster ici ! On te répondra sûrement, ou pas... C'est à voir si le forum marche bien... Svp ! Limiter le language SMS.
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Kuroko no Basuke: The New Generation
It's been 5 years since Seirin won the Winter Cup and a new year has begun. The high schools all have begun recruiting new members to their basketball clubs to try and be the strongest team in Japan. Only one can be the best though! Create and OC and join the battle to the top! (Active)
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Generation of Miracles Authors
Check out some of the best authors around, participate in contests, and have a good time. Open to everyone that loves KuroBasu!
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Kuroko no Basuke: A Fresh Start
The era of the Generation of Miracles has passed, making way for new prodigies, with teams of their own to come forth. A new age for possibly better players has come, what kind of play would they make? Dare to join?
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Next Generation of Basketball Players
It's been a decade since the original Kiseki no Sedai shined and now they're all grown up they all have their own individual lives. Even their old teammates. It's now time for a new generation of basketball players to shine. Create your own OC and join!
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Kuroko no Basket RP
The Generation of Miracles have long since left high school as have the seirin high school Basketball club members, now they have their own families! Rp as the children of the Seirin team, GoM, or whoever.
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Apakah Aku ada di sana?
Kuroko tak sengaja melihat gadis sebayanya tengah panik dengan wajah setengah menangis di tengah lapangan streetball."Kau baik-baik saja?"/"HUAAA! H-ha-hantu!"
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Your Helping Hand With KnB Fanfiction
This forum is where you can ask for help regarding your KnB story. I can be your beta, give you comments/tips about your story, and to help you around the KnB archive.
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(Solo miembros del fic "GIRLS") Cualquier duda sobre OC's o algunos requerimientos especiales. Procederé a plantearles diversas ideas por este medio y tambien poner avisos importantes para las colaboradoras del fic.
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Kuroko no Basket fans! :D
Yaoi, Yuri, none Yaoi/Yuri lovers, all are welcome here! :D Come in and chat, have some fun :3
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Kuroko no Basuke
Feel free to look for One x One's here. :) As well as form groups if you so wish. :) Or just come and chat with other Kuroko no Basuke lovers!
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Akakuro en Español
Este foro está destinado para contenido de Akashi y Kuroko. Claro que también se puede incluir una que otra pareja que no interrumpa o incluya a estos dos personajes. En cuestión: FanFics, retos, charlas... No hay restricciones, excepto tener respeto uno por el otro. Muchas gracias.
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Kuroko no Basket dans la langue de Molière
Vous êtes fan de Kuroko no Basket ? Vous pouvez en parler durant des heures ? Vous aimez parler des couples de ce manga ? Vous aimez les défis ? Ou bien le simple blabla ? Et bien venez ici pour toutes ces raisons et bien plus encore !
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Kuroko no Basuke Roleplaying Club
This is the forum to Rp Kuroko no Basuke characters. The admin would be making topics and then you can go ahead and follow into the world of roleplaying. Use "/" or "()" for OOC responses. Please look at all the topics eh? Most of the forum topics should be responded in a literate way. Some can be detailed script though. Enjoy Rping
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Laskar Fujoshi
Yang Fujoshi mana suaranyaaaaa! Kuy ikutan kesini bagi-bagi OTP buat memuaskan hati para fujo yang bahagia :v kadang juga bakalan roleplay buat yang mau! Come Here, minna-san :)
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1 nichi no ibento no suhyaku
Kuroko yang awalnya hanya datang untuk latih tanding terbawa arus dan mengalami banyak kejadian tak terduga
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Teikou Middle School
¡Sean todos bienvenidos a este espacio dedicado al anime/manga Kuroko no Basuke!, siéntase libres de hacer y deshacer a su antojo.
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7 in 1
Cerita yang akan membuat kalian menangis dichapter pertama, happy reading.
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cahayanya redup. ia dulu seorang bintang yang selalu bersinar. kini kemana cahayanya?
Indonesian - Topics: 0 - Posts: 0 - Since: 10-19-17 - Admin: Drkdvl
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