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Kuroshitsuji RP Forum
A RP forum for cannons and OC's Warning - M rated things and dark plots woven in. Cannons and OC's needed.
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Anime Fan's Everywhere: Not For the Faint of Heart
Hello, this is a forum for the RP's created by Otaku for all the lemons and if people wish to go further with some ahem..possible over T details
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Kuroshitsuji: Si Deus me Relinquit
Come RP with the cast of Kuroshitsuji! Multiple topics make for multiple adventures, so join in on the fun! Check Accepted Characters to see who is currently taken- but we are not accepting OC's now! Sorry! Please join in and enjoy yourself!
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Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler - RP
You can of course still join us, but we would appreciate it if you're in for longer than just a week and if you're stopping that you let us know ;)
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Echoes of the Earth, A Modern Day Kuroshitsuji RP
This is a world so like our own today, and yet so utterly alien. So very much goes on behind our backs. And when you find out about it all, you will realise that only echoes remain of the world you knew...
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Private Kuroshitsuji RP
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A Black Butler RPG for everyone!
This is a Black Butler RP where you can be either a cannon character, or create your own OC! Come on, and have some fun!
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Black Butler Couples RP!
Ever had a roleplay where the character you want is taken or no one likes your favorite pairing? Fear not, my fellow fangirls, for this is the forum where you can have anything or anyone you want!
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Role Playing
A Kuroshitsuji role play. If you're going to join, you must abide by the rules. Have fun!
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The Lost Chronicles
This forum is currently a work in progress! It'll be done soon though!
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Black Butler(Kuroshitsuji) Mafia
When Prince Soma is found dead, Agni asks if someone could help solve this mystery. This, is where the game begins...
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 1,838 - Since: 11-04-12 - Admin: MegaToby
Kuroshitsuji RP-A Dark and Desperate Time
A Kuroshitsuji RP, need I say more? CURRENT PLOT: Demons, Reapers and Angels alike are being kidnapped by humans and, more often than not, turning up dead. What's going on and who's behind all of this?
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 1,590 - Since: 01-13-13 - Admin: Kitana Lunara
Black Butler RP!
A Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji RP!I welcome Cannon charecters as well as OC's!But no Yoai or Yuri!
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 1,448 - Since: 06-28-12 - Admin: KyoFan2234
KuroShitsuji RP! :-)
Well, this is my first time hosting an RP forum so play nice! We'll have one modern day thread, and one placed in the actual time, OCs welcome! Please join! *MATURE CONTENT*
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Kuroshitsuji Forum
This is where all of us who love the great Kuroshitsuji characters can come together an have some fun along the way. :D
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Kuroshitsuji-Black Butler Roleplay
Welcome to England where Queen Victoria rules with grace and dignity. Enjoy England's sights in the world of Black Butler where demons and grim reapers roam and your soul can be exchanged for your greatest desire. Make sure to watch out for the Queen's Watchdog, you don't want to be in his way. Stay away from his manor as well, many strange occurrences happen in the Phantomhive Manor...
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 1,192 - Since: 02-15-16 - Admin: The Reddest Of Roses
Kuroshitsuji: Final Judgement - A Near-Future Black Butler RP
...And everything that we knew will be gone. There will be no place to hide; no place to run- because Judgement is for all; and no Human (Or other unknown entities) will go without it.
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Dark Resonance Kuroshitsuji RP
Welcome to the Kuroshitsuji RP. I welcome you here, and invite you to join. Of course, at your own caution... OCs and Canons welcome, and have fun!
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 1,039 - Since: 03-27-11 - Admin: oyaasumi
Calling all Kuroshituji Roleplayers!
Have a fettish to roleplay the sexy butler, or perhaps his heartless master, or maybe even one of your OC's? Come in and join in the fun!
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 987 - Since: 12-23-10 - Admin: WereWolfPrincess1215
Black Butler RolePlay
Well, what more do I have to say? Oh, and OC are allowed. There will be multiple Kuroshitsuji roleplays going on in here. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES.
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 940 - Since: 07-27-12 - Admin: PaperReaper
Yayy Roleplayyy
What the title says. Not a strict RP. xD
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 862 - Since: 02-15-12 - Admin: lolzy33
Kuroshitsuji Private RPG
A private RP. About to be deleted.
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We're Simply One Hell Of A Forum
The things that go bump in the night, the monsters under your bed, the skeletons that lurk in your closet, the shadows that sit at the edge of your vision in the darkness, the glaring red eyes that peer at you through the crack in the blinds; Here, on the outskirts of London England, there's more to worry about than just the bogeyman in your closet. Enter, if you dare. *ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS 07/17*
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Kuroshitsuji Integral Roleplay
A Kuroshitsuji RP covering both seasons 1 & 2. Use a cannon character or create your OC! Come in and have fun!
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Mansión Phantomhive
[En Construcción] ¡Bienvenido a la Mansión Phantomhive! Tenemos una habitación especialmente para ti; toma el té con Tanaka-sama, visita el jardín con Finnian, juega con pluto, ¡o has todo lo que desees! ¡Está mansión es para ti! (Sólo trata de no hacer enojar al joven amo y a Sebastian, por supuesto). ¿Qué estás esperando? Las puertas están abiertas para ti.
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