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Wayposts on a Winding Road
Black Butler Roleplay- Join Ciel and Sebastian on their travels after Ciel becomes a demon. Roleplay a canon character or make an original character. If you haven't watched the anime, please do so before joining.
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My Butler Killed My Mom Forum
This forum is here for you to role play, ask questions and receive extra info and hints from My Butler Killed My Mom!
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Black ButlerKuroshitsuji Roleplaying
Roleplaying forum for anyone and everybody. Please enjoy and have fun.
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Kuroshitsuji: Legacy of the Fallen
Buried beneath layers of mundane life and normality lies a world so like, and yet so unlike our own. Do you know what these beings have sacrificed for your semblance of "normality? Do you know of the battles that rage in the shadows? No? Would you like to find out?
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Kuroshitsuji RP World
A Black butler rp both based around the anime and manga verse.What if the Earl Phantomhive was never in contract with not one but two superbeings? and more servants for the manor's protection?, find out by joining!, OCs and Canons included in the manga
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Kuroshitsuji YAOI RP
As you can guess from the title this is all about yaoi. OCs are allowed and you can have origanal characters from both Kuroshitsuji and Kuroshitsuji 2. Oh and sorry but I AM ALOIS!
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Kuroshitsuji EPIC Roleplay!
Choose your RP character and join the fun! Claim a canon character or better yet make your own!
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Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) RP Group
May have Multiple Plot-lines going on at once. Canon and OC allowed, though if too many people make OC's then I might have to suspend them for a while.
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The Butler has a forum!
A Kuroshitsuji forum! Completely random stuff relating to Kuroshitsuji!
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Black Butler RP
Black Butler Role play :)
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Black Butler: Ages
Demons have for a very long time made deals with humans in exchange for their souls. All it takes is one who is blinded enough by a desire to complete a goal that they would summon one.
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Kuroshitsuji Black Butler
A roleplay for Black Butler. OCs are allowed, but must be approved. I'm not a slave driver so don't be nervous to at least apply.
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Everyone is welcome, all I want is for everyone to have fun and enjoy. Mkay bye bye luvs!
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Kuroshitsuji roleplay
any character and all characters are accepted, even OCs
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Kuroshitsuji: Another Story
An OC-only forum, set in canon universe. Not related to Kyuuzen's work on deviantART.
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Kuroshitsuji RP (Public)
In the world of Black Butler something new is lurking about in the shadows. The characters of Black Butler have no idea what to expect. You can be any cannon character you want. First come first server.
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Kuroshitsuji RP
Erm...it's basically what the title says. The Rules for the Roleplay are posted and you can request a character and/or create your OC for the Roleplay. After you do that, you can go to the RP and, well, RP...
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Grim Reaper Academy For The Deadly Giftedd
This is an rpg for Grim Reapers from Kuroshitsuji, the cast including Grell Sutcliff, William T. Spears, Ronald Knox, The Undertaker, Lawerence Anderson, Alan Humphries, and Eric Slingby. Not to mention, anyone can rp as a made-up character.
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Kuroshitsuji Roleplay
Come join the mysterious world of late-1800's England! Enter a world full of secrets- demons, reapers and angels. Join as an existing character from the popular anime and manga series or make one of your own to join the fray! What mysteries will you uncover?
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KuRoShItSuJi RoLePlAy
Here anyone can roleplay in the epic and awesome anime/manga Kuroshitsuji. Please feel free to look.
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Kuroshitsuji RP
Roleplay all your favorite characters and make OCs as well. Just have fun. . WARNING: M rated materials. Lemons/Limes
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The MasterxDemon Haven Forum
For: Discussing our favourite anime of all time, sharing our latest creations, sharing our favourite stories so people can read them too, and giving and recieving advice on improvement of our writing skills!
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Black Butler rp
Just a role play. Canon or Ocs are accepted. Please pm me first to let me know who you will be being and put your oc and description in the right place. Have fun!
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Black Butler RP
Only OC's Aloud. the only way you can play as an original character is if you post an OC.
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Kuroshitsuji RP! And Chat!
Join us! Are you a demon? A human? Or possibly a Death God? There are many things in which you can be. Enter here and be anything and anyone you desire!
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