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Black Butler Kuroshitsuji smut Oneshots
Some smut one shots that I hope you enjoy.
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His Butler, Drunk
Ciel gets curious about whether is "One Hell of a Butler" can get drunk. So he orders Sebastian to go down to the cellar and drink until he is very drunk. How will things turn out for Ciel? Can the butler even get drunk? You'll just have to see.
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Kuroshitsuji RP!
So , this is my first time doing this , so please don't be mean! in here you can't : • say bad words • say bad about anyone • NO SHIP HATE • have fun
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I need you help with a new story!
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His Butler, In A Affair
My very first fanfic story Ship belongs to me! Serria and Ciel have been married for a while now, they have also started a family with a beautiful baby girl. In the the time, the butler begins to start a affair with the young lady Phantomhive. What shall they do?
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His Daughter Lost
Cereane, Ciel's daughter. She looks just like her father. In every possible way. Gorgeous in every aspect. And just like her old man, attracting the attention and many supernatural creatures.
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What is going on?
I do not own Fairy Tail, Black Butler. Most information came from Wikia
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A Innocent Soul
Harri Potter was adopted by The Phantomive family and was betrothed to Ciel Phantomive and Alois Trancy and was chosen mates off with Claude, Sebastian, Ash, Grell. they were kidnapped and now lived in the Phantomive manner and has 4 butlers. Ash/Angela will stay as a boy and Harry is a girl .
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One Hell of a Ninja
I don't have a summary btw follow me on wattpad this is a story I made on wattpad I don't own any of the following things. they all belong to their rightful owner's
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Black Butler x Reader! This is a reverse harem ff
This is a reverse harem fanfiction and this is my first fanfic so please don’t hate me if it’s not that good
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Transmigrated into a demon!
Yuna Satamaki has never expected to be drowned to death by her lover. However, transmigrating into a blood demon is something more she would have never thought would happen when she died.
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His butler: Determined
this is a crossover between undertale and black butler))) there were several murders with unknown reasons going on England,Ciel tough it wouldn't be so hard but it is to more deep then he think so. and just a month after the assassin striking again,a strange girl had appeared by there,who is She?does she have something to do with all of this?
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Random Stuff
Yeah, Idk
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Lights on
Sebastian and ciel love each other so much that when they leave each other join the couple as they have to be apart for a week but will it last?
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Kuroshitsuji Communauté FR
Le forum de la communauté française de Kuroshitsuji
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two dimensions thrown in another
Grell just had to throw something into the pot with a magic potion. but hey this could be funny. I mean I am the Undertaker. I live off laughter. but seeing a male version of myself is quite strange...
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Story Search: Mark of the Beast a CielSebastion Fanfiction
I've been searching periodically over the months for a story named Mark of the Beast I believe it was a Ciel/Sebastian fanfic. Rated M, 30k words. It was truly an awesome story I thought could be a novel somehow sold on amazon or something. Quick description. It takes place when Ciel an Alois are in college. Sebastian is the new professor and Ciel is drawn to him. Similarly Alois is drawn to the other new professor Claude. Anyway, it turns out Both pairs are demon mates basically. A really great read. Does
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His loyal dog (crew discusions )
Soft yaoi series coming soon
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The year is 2019, You were 17 and a senior in high school. Who knew that suddenly your life was about to change.. *TRIGGER WARNING* *MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN SENSITIVE TOPICS* *MAY CONTAIN SEXUAL THINGS*
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