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Kuroshitsuji RP Forum
A RP forum for cannons and OC's Warning - M rated things and dark plots woven in. Cannons and OC's needed.
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Anime Fan's Everywhere: Not For the Faint of Heart
Hello, this is a forum for the RP's created by Otaku for all the lemons and if people wish to go further with some ahem..possible over T details
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Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler - RP
You can of course still join us, but we would appreciate it if you're in for longer than just a week and if you're stopping that you let us know ;)
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A Black Butler RPG for everyone!
This is a Black Butler RP where you can be either a cannon character, or create your own OC! Come on, and have some fun!
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KuroShitsuji RP! :-)
Well, this is my first time hosting an RP forum so play nice! We'll have one modern day thread, and one placed in the actual time, OCs welcome! Please join! *MATURE CONTENT*
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Kuroshitsuji: Final Judgement - A Near-Future Black Butler RP
...And everything that we knew will be gone. There will be no place to hide; no place to run- because Judgement is for all; and no Human (Or other unknown entities) will go without it.
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Kuroshitsuji-Black Butler Roleplay
Welcome to England where Queen Victoria rules with grace and dignity. Enjoy England's sights in the world of Black Butler where demons and grim reapers roam and your soul can be exchanged for your greatest desire. Make sure to watch out for the Queen's Watchdog, you don't want to be in his way. Stay away from his manor as well, many strange occurrences happen in the Phantomhive Manor...
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This is Hell
Welcome to London's underworld or polite society. *Opened and waiting for members*
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Everyone is welcome, all I want is for everyone to have fun and enjoy. Mkay bye bye luvs!
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Black Butler RP
Sebastian and Ciel have new friends and new enemies!OC's accepted!I know the summary sucks but please join this forum anyways!ACTIVE
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Kuroshitsuji RP
Well, this is my first time hosting an RP forum so I'm so excited! W This thread actual time, OCs welcome! Please join! *This can be concereted rated M depending on thread.
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Kuroshitsuji: Another Story
An OC-only forum, set in canon universe. Not related to Kyuuzen's work on deviantART.
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Kuroshitsuji RP
Erm...it's basically what the title says. The Rules for the Roleplay are posted and you can request a character and/or create your OC for the Roleplay. After you do that, you can go to the RP and, well, RP...
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Kuroshitsuji RP (Public)
In the world of Black Butler something new is lurking about in the shadows. The characters of Black Butler have no idea what to expect. You can be any cannon character you want. First come first server.
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Grim Reaper Academy For The Deadly Giftedd
This is an rpg for Grim Reapers from Kuroshitsuji, the cast including Grell Sutcliff, William T. Spears, Ronald Knox, The Undertaker, Lawerence Anderson, Alan Humphries, and Eric Slingby. Not to mention, anyone can rp as a made-up character.
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Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler RP
(Private RP)
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Black Butler RP
If you're a Black Butler fan, then you'll LOVE this role play forum! Responses are so frequent, it's not even funny!
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That Butler, Roleplaying
Black Butler roleplay, accepting everyone. Rated T. Combination of both seasons of the anime. Ciel Phantomhive is working towards his revenge with his demon butler, Sebastian, and hears word in the London Underworld of the Queen's 'spider' - a mysterious individual that no one seems to know. Ciel sets his sights on the Spider, and at the same time, the Spider, Alois Trancy, and his butler, Claude, have their sights set on the Queen's Watchdog. Which young lord will come out on top? Let's find out.
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Black Butler RolePlay
A restart of my Black Butler RolePlay. Hundreds of years had past when everything in the Black Butler series had happen. The human characters had died and have been resurrected in the Modern world, and all scattered through different countries with no memries of their past lives. The demons, angels and grim reapers were long forgotten, all known as legends and myths.
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Kuroshitsuji Roleplay! JOIN!
Come here to RP any type of scenario! Yaoi, hentai, lemons, limes! Anything! Please join! PM me your OCs :3 Enjoy!
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Black butler role play
Role play as black butler characters
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Another Era
(OCs only! This is a universe without canons) The streets of London were just as they'd always been. However, it always seem to hide a darker side behind its mask, some embracing it and others fighting against it. Only now does it seem to effect this civilized society in peculiar ways and with unknown motive. Will good make it through? Or will the nightmare turn real?
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Kuroshitsuji RP
All is welcome under the roof the Black Butler even OC's, Canons will need to filled and mods are need for the forums.
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Black Butler Rp
A Black Butler Rp. OCs and Cannons are allowed. Yaoi is accepted. Enjoy.
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Black butler roleplay
Black butler rpg (FOR ALL AGES)
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 11 - Since: 10-05-14 - Admin: Gottsengel
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