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Kyō Kara Maō! A Roleplay
Welcome to Shin Makoku! Join us to roleplay as your favorite KKM characters, or even add your own original characters! Everyone is welcome!
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I would not only lend His Majesty my shoulders, but I'd give my hands, heart, and life for him.
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YuuRamWolfYuu, A Possibility?
The title speaks for itself. Is there really it?
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Whose Your Favourite Character?
Like the Title says, who's your favourite character in KKM?
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do you prefer wolframXyuuri or shinouxyuuri
well,just a little discusion about if you really approve yuuri and wolfram's loveteam, if not, then justify your comment
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Royally Screwed
A Wolfram x Yuuri forum for all obsessive fans of this coupling. A Yuuri or Wolfram shaped cookie for all who posts.
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Kyou Kara Maou General Discussion
A casual place for fans of the show to get together and talk. Nothing too serious. Just general chatting.
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The Eternal Debate
Who is Uke in the Wolfram and Yuuri relationship? And who is Seme? An eternal debate that has been posed since the beginning of time...or perhaps just when KKM began '
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Wolfram x Yuuri: Equals
A forum for fans of Yuuri x Wolfram as an equal pairing. No seme x uke nonsense here. Analysis, articles, fanfic recs and Wolf x Yuuri goodies inside.
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MuraWolf Lover vs AntiMuraWolf
Any MuraWolf lovers out there? Or MuraWolf haters? Share your Reasons!
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So crazy for pairings? Choose!
wanna discuss about ur fave pairings? My own fave pairing: Yuuram or Wolfyuu! Oh and please dont criticize other ppls sayings! ok!
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YuurixWolfram Goodies!
Rpg with Kyou Kara Maou!
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Beta Search for Yuuri x Wolfram Pairing
I really enjoy this pairing,and I wanted to contribute to my love a little bit with a fic. I am currently in need of someone or someones to help me. Feel Free to use this as your own if you are also looking for a beta to help with a fic
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CELESTEHELLGIRL's Lucky Me! sarcastically
I just happen to have nothing to do... and I'm bored...and stressed out...I just want to discuss about life, anime, etc....hehehehe....
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Advice on how to improve writing
Tired of geting les rview bcoz of poor wrting sklls? Tired of readng d sme plot? Wel,dis forum wnts 2 hear evrybdy's sugestion! need hlp bout beta's, or sugest plots dat u wnted for a chnge? Pls,join us in our discusion on hw 2 imprve KKM stories!
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For fans of my favorite Kyo Kara Maoh pairing!
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Love Sucks: Suggestions
Have any suggestions or concrit for my fanfic, Love Sucks? Please let me know. If you really feel the need to flame it, please do so here.
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Kyou Kara Maou
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Kyou Kara Maou Yaoi
I don't know about you but i love Kyou Kara Maou Yaoi. It is just so awsome!
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forum où poste les defis qui vous passer par la tête
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Hi! Still finishing the Yuuram fan fic
I'm sort of stuggling to find a happy ending on my fan fic about Yuuram...... Any advice? This will be my first story to be submitted on fan fiction and not also that, I'm only 14, so I'm not kinda not hoping many would find this story interesting. Please
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KKM in trouble! Need Signetures!
Attention all KKM writers and fans! KKM anime is in serious trouble! Please sign the petition to save it!
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Le livre des traditions de Shin Makoku
Voilà, je pense qu'il était grand temps qu'un auteur se penche sur ce fameux livre dont on retrouve la mention dans la plupart des fics KKM. Alors je me lance ! Mais pour cela, j'ai besoin de l'aide de tous les fans de KKM et pourquoi pas de la WSAC ! C'e
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Mikagechan's To Love Discussion Forum
YuuRam or YuurIris? Dish about every YuuRam fan's latest pet fic -- Mikage-chan's "To Love".
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Je T'aime
Hey guys! This forums is to help me carry on my story "Je T'aime' I'm not actually sure of what to do! i can make it tragic or happy ending...plz write and give me ideas! Thank You!
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