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Log Horizon: New Tales
There were no signs, no warnings. You woke up in a strange new world that was somehow familiar. The world of. Elder Tale never looked so good, but there's no explanation for how you ended up here. You will need your guild, your friends, and possibly your enemies in order to survive the creatures, the people, and the other players that threaten to stand in your way. This is your story, Adventurer, how will you write it? OCs ONLY - ACTIVE ROLEPLAY ACCEPTING NEW RP MEMBERS!
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The Eternal Legacy
In the North American server, in the city of Brotherhood, there is a guild who is well known and respected for their kind heart and open arms. But, when the apocalypse occurred, hearts and arms closed everywhere. Can this guild who's so intent on helping others help itself survive this new world?
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Log Horizon, Rise of the Adventurer
Elder Tale; a video game that has successfully held a group following for over twenty years, and now, a number of players have entered the game, for reasons still unexplained. You are one of them, an Adventurer who now controls their own destiny beyond the confines of a computer keyboard. Mild-AU.
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Log Horizon: Mountain's Pass
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Log Horizon: Main Screen Lobby
Welcome to Elder Tale. Play, chat, and meet new players in this wonderful world.
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A New Horizon
Log Horizon AU. You are one of the people trapped within the confounds of the game. Will you cower in fear, or will you stand and fight?
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Log Horizon: The World of Elder Tale (RP forum)
In the world of Elder Tale you can do anything you want, be anything you want, Take what you want and make what you want. So tell me Adventurer, What's your tale? p.s. I'm also adding the gunner class and a few others from final fantasy to this forum.
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