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Love Hina Fanatics
You can talk anything about Love Hina here. This forum is especially made for Love Hina Fans.
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A Ronin and the shy girl, the princess or the dark
Where you can discuss the pairings KeiShin, KeiSu and KeiKan. Tell why you like them or hate them.And please keep it civil :P
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The 'Book' Series
Dedicated to my long running Motoko and Keitaro story. Contains plot details, new mythology, sneak previews of upcoming chapters and character discussion. Participation, critiques, deep analysis all welcome and encouraged.
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Metangelo's Whatever forumlol
Talk here.....about ANL or anything else...I don't care....if you don't like my update speed...complain here I guess.....and find out why I am not updating...and..um....Keep it teen XD
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What You Want
Put up your ideas for a story here and hope that someone picks it up and writes it. I myself have a few ideas but am too lazy and not a very good writer.
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Love Hina Next Discussion
This is for all discussion related to my surprisingly popular series Love Hina Next and it's sequel Second Phase.
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Triumvirate Discussion
Questions, comments, concerns, just idle chitchat about the fanfiction Triumvirate, bring them here!
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Children of The Moon
Welcome to the forum where you can discuss about my fanfic Cry at the Face of The Moon. Here you can talk about it's late updates, the story, pretty much anything about this fic.
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Love Hina great pair
here you can talk about the great pairing of keisu
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Who knew one thing can make two soul work hard? Who knew that one simple event can be remembered by very young kids? Who knew that an innocent promise can help blossom a unique relationship?
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Love Hina: Next
Discuss Love Hina: Next with the esteemed author, hear the things that you might have missed, give him some plot thickener, gripe, groan, moan, stymie, fume, grunt, cough, sneeze, and blow up. Whatever works, just get in here!
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What parrings for Confusion do you want?
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Love Hina suggestions
Yup i'm starting on a new love Hina Story! although i'm still watching the anime so if you could just help me with some suggestions.
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New MotokoKeitaro Fiction
Give me ideas for where to start my first fiction and where it should go... I will be willing to create multiple fics if necessary. But they MUST be centered around Motoko, the first, preferably around her and Keitaro
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 0 - Since: 05-08-06 - Admin: emblasochist
Heart of Sword
It's a year after the end of Love Hina Again, and now that Keitaro's rebuilt the annex as a men's dorm and invited an old friend to be the first tenant, chaos ensues.
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Love Hina Fanfiction Liddokun Awards
A forum where everyone can vote for their favourite love hina fanfics and see which one wins the coveted Liddokun awards. What do you say?
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My Love Hina fanfiction Please be gentle
I'm a first time writer, creating big stories. If anyone could help me with them, I'd be very grateful.
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Shinobu's Diary
This is a place to discuss Shinobu's Diary
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 0 - Since: 12-12-06 - Admin: Jakinbandw
Love Hina: Destiny
General questions and suggestions about the story answered here. [Like a better name, alway been my weak side]
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Love Hina general
Want help with ideas for a fanfic idea you had? Just want to talk about Love Hina animemanga. Well step on and start talking, this place is for talk about anything about Love Hina.
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My fanfictions
Here is a place to critique my writing ideas.
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All ye who wanted me to continue my story The True
this is made for me and readers to find out if my story still needs to be continued........
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Looking For Fics
Searching for Fics with TsurukoxKeitaro TsurukoxMotokoxKeitaro parings.Complete if Posible. Fics from other sites welcomed.
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The Gooey Mind of Dark Interlude
This forum is for giving me suggestions on stories or how to improve my writing or if i feel like Talking random garbage
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KeitarouKaolla Fanfic Discussion
Here I, and you ofcourse, will discuss all my KeitarouKaolla fanfics. Feel free to post your own experience, what you think of my stories and suggestions if you wish.
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