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Love Live School idol project rp
This is a rp for every one
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The S-Class Project
This is a private forum lightly based off of "Love Live! School Idol Project." The characters in this roleplay attend a private school in Japan known as Hoshikuzu Academy, which has high education standards, but also has classes that specialize in singing, dancing, acting and modeling. Specific students from these different classes with the 'S-rank' have been chosen to be part of a special and unique project.
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Beta Search
New to the site! I'm looking for a Beta to proofread my story. Summary inside. Anyone else can post their search for a Beta if they want.
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Love Live Discord Roleplay scouting!
Are you looking for an active Love Live discord group that is accepting? Well you just found one!
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Discussion with fans
A discussion and analogy I have been doing (shorts) with fans, about my work as an author at MyCrtr.
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Still Loving you Behind TsubaHono (Tsubasa x Honoka)
Tsubasa was a fan of μ's when They first performed, But Anju and Erena (Her friends) never knew about this. Tsubasa kept the secret inside by never telling it to someone if necessary. She kept the secret after μ's formed into 9 Members and finishes 'Snow halation' Tsubasa, however felt different When starting to talk to the μ's Leader. It was oddly weird for Tsubasa, She thought that She was in love with the leader, But Girl and a Girl couldn't be in a relationship, right? She says.
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