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10 years have passed since the events that involved Aoyagi Ritsuka and the quest to find the truth about himself and his brother. Live and grow in the world of Sacrifices and Fighters, Zeros and spells of immense power. Become a Fighter or Sacrifice, meet the one who shares your true name and fight to increase your strength and evolve. New experiences and forged bonds await, as the past and present collide in this new and mysterious world. *Re-constructed and Re-opened*
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Loveless RPGing
Come here to RP as a Loveless characters, or make up your own. Have fun in the world of loveless, or just chat about loveless. Its all right here. Welcome!
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Capturing the Moment Soubi x Ritsuka
Take a picture, capture the brief moment on camera, and let it turn into an everlasting memory of us. And when I fall, slip into the oblivion, try to remember me as the smiling boy next to you. A Soubi x Ritsuka forum
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Loveless And ALL It's Glory
This is the place to be if you LOVE loveless. you can talk about anything!
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Infinite ZERO
Discuss either of the ZERO fighter teams: Youji and Natsuo, or Yamato and Kouya.
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Loveless RP Forum!
Come to the world of fighter and sacrifice, discover your own true name, get involved in spell-battles; battles using elaborate and beautifully-phrased spells.. Get into the world of the anime/manga Loveless! Anyone are welcome to join!
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Loveless Rp
Setting up right now...
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Loveless Text Translation
Text translations of Loveless manga chapters.
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Loveless Roleplay
Canon characters and OC's are welcome.
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Emotionally challenged Loveless fans, no criticism
Just another forum for Loveless. Chat, Q&A, etc. Even if you aren't emotionally challenged, please don't criticize us. It's really annoying. . Thanks!
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Well, the Loveless category is growing considerably. If there's any fanfics you'd like to suggest be it on or another site, I figured a forum'd be useful! Plus you can just talk about stuff, too.
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Tiltle says it all. Come talk about any and all things loveless.
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Fic Searches?
Searching for a fic that you just can't seem to find through the search engine? Get help or help others find the Loveless fics!
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Some Love for the Loveless?
Hey, Show your love for the minor charcters here!
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Which Loveless character is your favortie? And why
A place where every person with the fangirlfanboy disease can talk about who they love and can drool about them all they want! Whoo!
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Loveless but Also many more
A loveless rpg were you can have fun but also you have to follow the rules.
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Beloved Loveless
Come talk of our loved couple Soubi and Ritsuka. Feel free to talk here anytime you want! However, you must follow all forum rules.
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let's talk about loveless, u gotta love it
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Loveless RPG
What happened to Ritsuka and Soubi after Ritsuka's spastic dream about fate and destiny? And for that matter, what happened to just.. Ritsuka and Soubi? Only you can decide.
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This forum is all about Loveless!
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Loveless RP!
Make your own character and pair up with another person to make a unit!
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Save Room for Zeros RP
When we are first introduced to Loveless, we know nothing of the lives of the mysterious Zeros. Now's the chance to create the story on your own! Create a Zero and a Fighter and being a new chapter of Loveless.
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Where should Ritsuka's name be located?
Where do you think Ritsuka's name be located? Anywhere on the body! Pick a location for his 'Loveless' name.
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Please help!
Hey all! I've always loved reading Loveless fanfiction and I used to bookmark my favorites on my ipod so I could reread them as and when I liked. However, my ipod just crashed, so I was wondering if anyone could help me find one fanfic which I've tried r
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