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Guess what? I'm reviving this Role play! Next Generation characters for my story Kind Words of Advice. I may accept some more Oc's, but I'm still a little iffy about it. Also, if your character was selected in the story, feel free to claim your character here!
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Lovely Complex RolePlay!
Lovely Complex is about two characters who are different in a weird way. The Girl may be Taller than most boys. The boy may be Smaller than anyone. But what ever the difference is, these two will get over it and fall in love. If you have seen the Anime then Awesome! You will also know that it takes awhile for the two to know they like each other so you will both go on funny adventures and find out your love for eachother. I hope you enjoy this :) this RolePlay can include Yaoi and Yuri.
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Lo complejo del Amor
El amor puede llegar a ser algo bastante complejo. Lo importante es decidir que pesa más, si el amor o los complejos. En este foro hablaremos sobre esta historia tan hermosa llamada Lovely Complex!
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Kimi Boku Love?
A Forum dedicated merely to Lovely Complex. Post any comments, questions, pictures, links, and the like! It's a place where all us LoveCom fans can gather! Also, if you're looking to join any Love Com Communities, just look here!
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Lovely Complex Till Death Do Us Apart :3
its a place to share our great love for lovely complex chatting, advertise about your new story , share with us your thoughts :) everything is accepted here Risa and Otani forever :3 your most welcome to join here :)
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Jungkook wants to give his heart to someone special on Christmas after being shattered on Christmas Eve. Then he meets Taehyung... VKOOK TAEKOOK
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