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MAR OC Club!
It does what it says on the can. Come hang out with us; show off your OCs, and talk MAR with fellow fans. It'll be fun!
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Stories of MAR
Finally a place for you to boast about your stories, discuss ideas, ask for help, get betas or ask questions about other's stories.
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MÄR Mysteries
Ever wonder about those irregularities in the manga and anime? Then come in and talk! Here we discuss the many mysteries in MÄR, and what really happened behind them...
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In the Game
A forum made for the discussion of the Chess pieces. You can ask for information about their pasts, what their names are and just fangirlboy over them completely.
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marchen awakens romance
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Märchen Awakens Romance
A forum to discuss the anime, manga and games from the series MÄR Märchen Awakens Romance
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Ginta x Phantom
[One of the only few Yaoi pairings i actually tolerate]I only know of One Ginta x Phantom Fanfic and well,I recently started to like that pairing.BUT I CAN ONLY FIND LIKE 2 FANFICS ABOUT THAT PAIRING!I NEED HELP!Can someone give me a link!
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This si a MAR role play for all you people seeing as there is no Mar role plays. Please join in and help to save the world!
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MÄR Heaven Chat Room
Discuss you fav character or least fav charcters and why you love/hate them, story plots, character design, your own personl opinion on the show and more. The MÄR Heaven Fan Forum!
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MAR theory
Just a fun theory forum concerning all the crazy conspiracies you may have, heck you can even discuss why some things you see in the fandom shouldn't be possible, please just be nice to each other.
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