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Magi: the Roleplay of Geeks
There is a vast world out there. There's chances you'll find several unique faces and personalities out there. Sometimes they clash and sometimes they bond more than you'd expect. Join a world of magic and adventure you've only witnessed.
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Adventures in the Magician's Country
It is here, in Magnostadt, that all Magicians are welcome. The Magician's Country is the only place magic wielders like you can find peace, satisfy your greatest ambitions, meet others who are just like you and who knows, maybe you'll become the strongest Magician to live. Roleplay as a Magician and write your own future... (Side Note: This is a Private Forum)
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Magi RP Forum
Rukh the home of all souls, those who are loved by Rukh are called Magi. Magi searches for humans with an unbreakable soul. They journey to many places. Conquer dungeons that have appeared mysteriously, defeat dijinns who reside in the dungeons, now will you join us? In this Magi world. Creation is power!
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Magi: Adventure Of Magic & Kingdoms
Base off the anime Magic: Labyrinth Of Magic Au, canons and very oc friendly. [Active]
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Magi High School RolePlay
Open to anybody who loves Magi and wanted a different setting with Magi characters! Good grammar and consideration for all other role-players is helpful.
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Dragon Mage
Will you fight with Aladdin and his friends or will you fall and give in to the darkness? Only you can decide where your fate takes you.
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Magi The Realm Of Magic
Set in an AU running alongside the original anime timeline. There are no cannon characters but empires and family lineage exist, though these are in the background. Not yet open!
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magi roleplay
a forum to roleplay the countries and adventures that can be found in the world of magi
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