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TSAB Recruitment Center
A Nanoha forum for those who enjoy the series and may want to RP or chat about the series.
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The Legendary 5!
Come make an OC and RP! Takes place after StrikerS.
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Red Friday
A Nanoha RP An attack of massive scale wipes out an area just east of Mid-Childa's Capital city. Help TSAB discover what happened and who is responsible.
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Record of the Lost
A new RP forum for Nanoha fans. A note, this will be a sequel RP of sorts to Crimsonblade's forum. All people can feel free to join.
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The Lyrical World of Magic
Come and discuss the Lyrical World of Nanoha People, Magic Systems, Devices, you name it!
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The Hellfire Incident
A MSLN RP scenario. The dangerous Lost Logica known as the Hell-fire had never stayed in one hand. When the TSAB sends out a Task Force to claim and seal it, mercenaries from the Order of the Mirror strike. Darker than Canon. Both sides available.
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Plot Ideas
For inspiration that you yourself just can't follow, or if you are in need for inspiration, this is a good place to come.
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Nanoha Roleplay - All Flavours
Exactly what it says on the title. A place for any kind of Nanoha roleplaying to take place. It could be Force-inspired drama or Vivid-like fluffy tournaments, it doesn't matter. Let the RPG begin! Lyrical! Magical!
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A shift in the Gears of Destiny
What happens when the Gears of Destiny begin to shift differently? New outcomes... Both good and Bad.
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Favorite Couple
A place where you can discuss your favorite couples in romance or just in friendship but please discuss a couple!
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Zona Rose's Yuri World
This forum is for my readers so that they can discuss my stories, both completed and not. This will give my readers an outlet other than their reviews. You can give me plot ideas that you would like to see, or just talk about your favorite stories.
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Nanoha Sotryboard
A place for people to post story ideas or get story ideas. THis is an attempt to create more story ideas in the nanoha verse because not everyone is comfortable writing a fanfiction on their ideas
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Magical Lounge
Any suggestions, criticisms, or just some advice on my work.
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Force Kasai Bara
A new league of Mages, and Nanoha fate and Hayate must get to work again! Set after StrikerS, though i haven't finished it yet. A roleplay forum, so make a mage and come on in!
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Nanoha podra perdonar a su agresor? y olvidar el pasado?.... no apto para menores ....
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Authors and Beta Readers get together forum
While having a way to find a beta reader for Nanoha in one of the few places that actually has Nanoha fanfic is a great idea, 's beta reader function has a lot to be desired. So here's my idea: This is a place for authors who are looking for Betas can pos
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Mid-Childa Times
Here we discuss things concerning the Lyrical Nanoha universe.
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The Ai Hazard Archive
A Forum mainly for anything related to my Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Ai Hazard Story
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me amas?
es mi primera historia espero os agrade a todos vosotros trata de un nanofate de la serie mahou shoujo lirycal nanoha
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amar es ser un gran idiota
una joven amable gentil y princesa de un gran reino con una familia y el pueblo que la adoran poseen gran sueño ella anhela encontrar la principe de su sueño .una persona fuerte ,gentil, valerosa que la haga sonreir pero lo mas importante que la ame.pero sus planes se ven interumpido cuando una joven valiente,gentil,torpe rubia de ojos misterioso ponga su vida de cabeza y le ensezeñe amar .ser un gran idiato
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