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MaiHime RPG
An RPG for Mai-Hime....please register!
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MaiHime RPG V2
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What is the name of that story again?
Trying to find that fic you once read but unable to locate it? Well post your questions on here and hopefully someone can answer your question.
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Beat it with a Smart Stick
Dedicated to all the desks, tables, and brick walls that have suffered over the years. Quantity never equaled quality.
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Mai HiME Otome Discussion Board
The Mai-Series community seems to have been waning lately. Let's see if we can do something about that. The Mai HiME/Otome Discussion Board is a forum for authors, artists, and readers alike to connect. All pairings welcome.
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Haruzuke! Where Shizuru and Haruka Meet
This is a place for all Haruzuke -Shizuru Fujino and Haruka Suzushiro- fans to come together, to talk freely and enjoy the epicness that is nuclear explosions involving tea!
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The ShizNat Love Hotel
ShizNat fans UNITE!
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This place is for people who want to read more than ShizNat and wish to aid me in my revolution to bringing new couples into this world.
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Random stuff which can be really interesting x3
Newest topic! What the hell was the Mai Hime author of the manga thinking when he did it? Other topics include: 'who do you hate the most', 'Don't you find it funny how one character tends to be paired with so many?.
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Who want's Nuts Now! NatNao
We all do! Forum dedicated to our beloved pair.
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Mai Fanfic Discussion
Discuss any and all fanfics here! What do you love? What do you hate? What the hell is going on?
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A truly underestimated couple. Discuss your thoughts on them if you please.
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The 'FOrmalized Replication of Unabridged Messaging,' a place for senseless abbreviations and general Mai HiME and Mai OtoHiME discussion.
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Does anyone else think it's unbearably funny that Shizuru and Natsuki is abbreviated as ShizNat?
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Okuzaki Akira
For people who like Akira as favourite character or not this is the place for you!Talk about her childhood life, lovelife, schoollife, and much more!
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HiMACE: because I have too much spare time
Call it me being an attention whore or whatever you like. Just a random place for all my fans all two of them or anyone else to post whatever you think about the story, from comments and observations to suggestions and advice.
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The Forum of Absolute Destiny
Talk about how Mai HiME represents the world, how ShizNat is causing global warming, and make up random Acronymical Creative Rhythmic Orgasmic Nihilistic Your Mothers. Uncensored.
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Midnight Festival
This is a Mai Hime Based RP, Fuuka Island has been through alot, and Tales of the last Festival still murmur in the shadows, they think they are safe, until they find that a new star has risen. Note:No cannon characters or Childs
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This is for everyone obsessed with ShizNat!/Harukino/ChieAoi/and Maikoto and want to vent about them!
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