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Welcome to Maid Latte!
Hi everyone. This forum is for crazy Maid-Sama fans, just like me! Here you can talk on every subject related to Maid-Sama from favorite pairings to role playing, so join in!
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Kaichou wa Maid Sama Season 2 Roleplay
Talk about how cute Misaki is, or how perfect Usui is. The forum that focuses on imaginary season 2 of Maid Sama! Have fun with Roleplay as well!
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Maid Sama role playing
Get ready to role play it at maid latte! Make your own maid character or role play one of the maid latte maids! ROMANCE NEEDED IN THIS FORUM !ENJOY MAIDS &MASTERS
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¡Bienvenido, Amo!
¡Bienvenido a este nuevo foro dedicado a Kaicho Wa Maid-sama! Entra y sé parte de retos y actividades que dejarán que tu habilidad de escribir se vea reflejada en tus historias. ¡Pasen, diviértanse y deja conocer las ideas que tienes! ¡Vuelva pronto, Amo!
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Usui Takumi Detective Club
Join this club as we crack the mystery behind Usui Takumi... His connection the the prestigious Walker family and how it would affect his relationship with Misa-chan..
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Hoiw do you think story in maid sama gonna turn wi
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Maid Sama Corner
A place to receive help and interact with others.
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Maid sama RPG! and well watevs floats ur boat
Rpg! Since most others are kinda not alive. And yeash im bored. Feel free to start new topics on whatever *cough* how hot usui is *cough*
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Kaichou wa maid sama Fan s Coffee
Hola amos, sean bienvenidos y pasen a disfrutar a nuestra maid favorita, al mas guapo alien pervertido, al timido yukimura, a nuestro lindo, testarudo y tramposo Tora y a nuestros chicos y chicas favoritas de kaichou wa maid sama
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Kaichou wa Maid sama
Hey this is a forum for fans of Kaichou wa maid sama. Feel free to talk about anything, ask anything you want about maid sama and have fun
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Watashi Ni XX Shinasai
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Alienígenas pervertidos del planeta Feromonas
Foro hecho por y para fans de KWMS, nos divertiremos creando fics, divertidos retos y concursos ¡Únete!
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The popstar who fell in love
Misaki ayuzawa was a popstar who was offered a job to hold concerts at walker inc. she was indapendent, not looking for love,but little did she know that this job would change her life forever (I DO NOT OWN MAID SAMA THO I WISH I DID AND THIS IS MY FIRST EVER STORY!)
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Nancy Worth Academy for Gifted Special Girls
" Age? " " 17, senior. " " Career tu pursue? " " International Agents Association. " " Big dreams, been here for? " " 12 years. " " Prove you're a Nancy Worth girl. " " This is the oath pledged the daughters of Nancy Worth, the legend we held our head high, I sacrifice my life to this world like our sister & sisters before. Where the world didnt know & respect. A Nancy Worth girl is cunning, confident & brave, thus strong & not afraid of fear, for world peace & justice, I pledge to you. " " That's all. "
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