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My Matantei Loki board. Come on in if you're a fanfiction writer, or even if you just love the wackiness and greatness that is MaLoki.
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MaLoRa en español
Primer foro de MaLoRa en español. Bienvenidos todos. Sitio oficial del MRCNB Movimiento Revolucionario contra niña bonita i.e. Spica... y para hablar cualquier cosa con respecto a este maravilloso anime y la mitología nórdica que lo inspira.
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Because of What We Are
A forum for discussing Loki and his offspring! Anything including the infamous Trickster's...unusual...family is welcome!
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For The Love Of The Gods
If you love norse Mythology and the series Mantantei Loki Ragnarok this forum is the perfect place to chat about it!
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Roleplaying Matantei Loki!
For those RPers who want to get in on some Loki roleplaying action, or advertise RPs where Loki characters are already participating. You can also discuss how to roleplay characters here!
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Just Chat For All Fans Of Matandei Loki Ragnarok
This forum is for all big fans to write a comment or give some ideas.Loki rocks!
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Matantei Loki Ragnarok RPG
Join and RPG. What else can I say?
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buscando la felisidad
mayura conoce dos a extraños ,completamente misteriosos ,que ni por nada del mundo se acercan a ningulo de los dioses, que sera que lo que guardan y ¿quien es Ilya?, este es un lokiXmayu
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What would happen if mayura caught loki cheating on her with freya.what wshe do?Cry until falling asleep, curse at everyone,or change?
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