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Masters of Metal
A place of challenges, chats, and one or two more or less friendly arguments. Here all beyblade fans are welcome to kick back, chill, and relax. So what are you waiting for? Let it rip, dude!
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MFB RP Center
A forum for RPing, anything you want! PM any mod with any ideas for topics!
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Truth or Dare: Reversed
Forum for those who wish to join Radiah Monzur's story idea for MFB, where the authors are kidnapped by the characters instead of the usual characters getting kidnapped by authors.
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bLaDeRs Of AwEsOmEnEsS
Welcome to the form of awesomeness! XD JK Here we will have RPing, chating, fangirling/fanboying about our favorite characters, randomness, ect... And we're harvesting your organs for our leader, lord Dust bunny.
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RaNdOm TaLk
JuSt SiT tAlK aNd ReLaX! TaLk AbOuT aNyThInG
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Metal Masters
A place where all Beyblade fans are welcome. Here, you can kick back, relax, drink some coke, eat bacon...so come on! Let it rip!
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Legacy of the Dragon Emperor
*REBOOT* Post-Metal Fury RPG, Canon and OC. Ryuga's return, long buried secrets, mysterious transformations, powerful new bladers, and all new threats will shake the Beyblade world to its core. NOW ACTIVE!
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Super Duper Galaxy
Let's explore the wonderous world of Beyblade... Includes general chat, a roleplay and Zero's attempt to consecrate Teru Saotome as the most important character in the show ever.
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A Mixture of Stuff
Join the forum if you're bored. Want to roleplay? Feel free to do so! Want to chat? Perfect place to go to. Want to complain about school? Even better! Just join in and be part of this forum. This is a place for everyone! :)
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Lily's Flower Patch
Welcome to the meadow! Be sure to watch your step, for you might run into one of our residential plot bunnies! If you need advice, an idea, or even want to chat, I hope you'll stop on by!
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Shipping List
Have you ever seen a shipping list for Metal Fight Beyblade? Neither have I! Or if you have, then I want to know where it is. Submit shippings and their names here so that eventually there will be a complete list!
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The Gryphon's Den
This contains challenges, ideas for stories, title generator and random chatting. If you wanna RP, get a permission first by PMing me. So, what are you waiting for guys? GO SHOOT!
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The Second World Championships!
The Second World Championships are here! What's in store for the bladers? One on one Rp
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Metal Of Legends
A place for bladers to chat,battle,have little argument,chill,and rp so guys Let It Rip!
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Beyblade:Metal Fusion characters
Let's talk about our favourite characters of Beyblade:Metal Fusion.
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FoRuM tImE wItH dEmOn AnD fRiEnDs :D
Welcome to Demon's Forum of epicness! Here you can chat about any topic your imaginative head can think of. You can also get your OC rated, RP, and anything else We can think of XD. It's sure to be a party, are you coming?
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Flame's Requiem
This is the forum to help create the memorial song for Grace of Flame. All are welcome to join in.
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The Ultimate Beyblade Forum
For just about everything Beyblade related. Only admin will create topics, don't ask for permission. OC RPs, Discussion, Ads, and everything in between. All are welcome, please be nice, read rules first, and *watch your language*. Enjoy the forum!
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Do you think that we should see MadokaXTsubasa in Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G?
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Beyblade funzone
Just have fun
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