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My Hero Academia PLUS ULTRA RP!
Come join the adventure and action of the universe of My Hero Academia! You can come and create your own very Super Hero or Super Villain within the series and be apart of the events while making up your own as well. Enjoy :D!
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Go Beyond Plus Ultra! American Life
Set within a slight AU with a new #1 Hero and a new location for the UA Academy, from all over the world, teens come to try their hand at the Entrance Exams and at the stepping stones at becoming the new generation of heroes. Everyone has a desire to cement their name into history and leave a sort of legacy behind. It'll be a adventure for the ages as these teen go through their time at this school. (Class 1-A is Full but accepting others)
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The Greatest My HARP AU
On an Earth-like world where people with superpowers known as "Quirks" are the norm, middle school students who have dreams of one day becoming Heroes despite upbringing are given a chance. U.A high starts its school year. The story follows OCs into U.A. High School a school that cultivates the NEW GENERATION! Discord included. UPDATE: 5/25- New Class Lesson Event Starts!.
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Go Beyond! The American Dream!
Come join the next generation of American superheroes as they try to cement their first step of their legacy in becoming the World's best heroes! Will these students have what it takes to succeed with the challenges they face starting with the UA entrance exam? Darkness lurks around every corner, how will they react? Go beyond, Plus Ultra! American MHA RP! NEED MAIN VILLAINS FOR RP
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Our Hero Academia: Your Origin
U.A. highschool. The most premiere academy for heroics in eastern Japan, the place many of the country's greatest heroes became who they are today. A school where the only option is to go even further beyond. This, this is your starting line. *Not CURRENTLY accepting any new members who have not already agreed to the rules*
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RISE! Heroes of Tomorrow!
Just another My Hero Academia RP! Details inside and in the rules! Come play and make a hero to protect the next generation!
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Plus Ultra! Arising heroes!
The world has always been a battlefield for the force of good and evil, even before the emergence of superpowers. The only difference between then and now is that quirks make it so much easier to be evil. Heists that once took months of planning and a team of skill thugs, now only need one person with a good quirk. But it's also made it so good people can stand tall and be heroes. To stop these villains and try to make the world a better place in ways no one could've ever hoped to do before. Which are you?
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My Hero Academia Next Generation RP
This is an forum where you can come and RP this epic anime. OCs are allowed
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Boku No Hero Academia: Resurrection
The original hero's in training are now professional heros - and villians. Now there children and their friends are training to protect and conquer the world but can they with a new powerful evil rising from the shadows ready to end there peaceful lives?
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MHA RP Multi-verse forum
This is a forum rp for My Hero Academia if there's a plot you want to rp, pairing ext. Don't worry because here, anytime you want to do any particular rp a new thread will be made specifically for it.
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Heroes of Tomorrow
The next generation of heroes enter Yuuei ready to follow in the footsteps of the heroes they grew up admiring. The original cast have graduated. Come and join these new upstarts as they follow their dreams!
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Remake of this for anyone who is interested /forum/Yuuei-Academy-An-Alternate-Timeline-RP/213440/
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My Hero Academia: Aftershock
Twenty years have passed. So much has changed, so much stays the same; such as being able to receive the best education here, at U.A! Become the Hero you've always dreamed of becoming! Endure hardships, make allies! Endure your allies' terrible sense of humor, we won't judge!
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My Hero Academia: Welcome to UA
[NO LONGER TAKING APPLICATIONS] Welcome to UA! Come experience a world of adventure alongside your classmates and teachers, and fight the evil which has sprung up from the darkness!
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MHA: A New Story
Title's boring as fuck at the moment. But welcome to our little forum! Here, we focus on Class 1-C, as we tell a new version of this story we all know and love! OCs allowed/wanted. Do try to keep Manga Spoilers in the marked Topics, m'kay?
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MHA RP: Encroaching Revolution
Not every country holds a symbol of peace, for every country that has thrived in the world of quirks. In the US with it's vast size is no different, for the countless heroes it has, it is swarmed with countless villains, will the upcoming generation of heroes be able to change that?
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My Hero Academia: The Pro Years
Years have passed, taking 1-A and Heroics Department through graduation and into the life of a pro hero. With the former Symbol of Peace by their sides, who knows what the hero world will throw at them.
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Plus Ultra! - Forum Francophone de My Hero Academia
Vous aimez la série ? Vous écrivez ou lisez des fanfictions en français ? Venez discuter avec les autres membres du fandom ! Discussion générale, entraide pour l'écriture, événements et autres.
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Academia Western Division
This forum follows the students of the Western side of the world, those enrolled from countries in Europe and the United Kingdom. The Western UA, located in Washington, gives light to brand new heroes within its walls; raising them to become strong heroes, to help them secure their destiny as protectors of the world. (No longer accepting applications)
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Yuuei Academy: An Alternate Timeline (RP)
*Currently accepting new members* *ACTIVE* What would the world of BNHA be like without the original cast of heroes? An OC-centric RP.
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Boku No Hero Academia RP
Looking to start up an in-depth My Hero Academia RP with anyone who's willing to join. All are welcome. We're likely going to be doing this from an AU perspective, minus the students from the anime but keeping the teachers. That way we can open the power pool up a bit more for everyone and no one can call Todoroki or Midoriya.
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My Hero Academia: Truth, Justice, and Plus Ultra!
The world needs heroes, those who can stand tall and protect the people and inspire others to take up the mantle of "Hero." That's why the hero academies exist, so that those who came before can teach a new generation what it means to be a hero, and there's better hero academy the U.A, where the saying is to "Go Beyond, Plus Ultra."
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MHA: Black Ops Forum
The supplementary forum for the SYOC story My Hero Academia: Black Ops
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My Hero Academia & Assassination Classroom Crossover Forum!
Basically what the title says. There is now a class 1-E (It's 1-E not 3-E for obvious reasons.), and they're the worst in the Hero Training program that just barely managed to get in. But now they've got a new teacher, and things could very well change for these students.
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UA Global
Greetings Heros in Training! You've been invited to the grandest of openings, the first Global School meant to be a joining collaboration of heroes across the world! UA Global has all the amenities of a cruise ship, while servicing as the newest facilities of hero education. You'll be making stops all over the whole world, meeting Global heroes, learning about different cultural differences, and getting some hands on experiences to better train yourselves to become world class Heros!
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