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Ideas for my fanfic Vignettes, Snippets, Drabbles, etc
Well, this particular fanfic of mine is a free for all. Whatever kinds of pairings, genres, ideas, everything and anything, will be taken into account for every new chapter. We have 8man displaying a number of his 108 loner skills like #08 Siscon-Hikki, #13 Loser-Hikki, #53:Masseur-Hikki, #87:Latté Hikki and there will be many more. Anyway have a go at it. I have already written Komachix8man, Miurax8man, Sakix8man,Shizukax8man,Yuix8man, and there will be lots more. All ideas are appreciated.
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Loner in the Military
Just a silly forum discussing what our favourite loner can or would do if he joined or ended up in the Military.
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gnt000q Re-upload Effort
Update: I received a PM from gnt000q requesting me to take his old stories down and as I originally stated, I was honor-bound to fulfill that request. It wasn't a fake account. The UserID and creation date were consistent. PM me for further details if you are interested. To gnt000q, it's been great having you with us. See you, Space Cowboy.
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gnt000q's edited works
In light of gnt000q's request to not post his works online anywhere, I plan on uploading his works in PDF format little by little after editing and proofreading them.
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SNAF U by isko
Looking for authors to achieve SNAF U by isko
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SNAFU: LostDeleted fics
Imagine reading a good fic long back ago and in a certain-forum-that-shall-not-be-named, a convo on that particular fic floats up, but, you are unable to find it despite scouring through the entire fandom. Frustrating, right? That's why, this forum is specifically for those lost/deleted SNAFU fics. You readers can also suggest the names of those lost fics and if you are lucky, I may have that fic lumbering in bak file of third party fanfiction app that I use.
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Oregairu 125
to all you folks who love hikigaya hachiman and yahari ore no seishun as much as I do. I've created oregairu 12.5 my own take for what I believe vol 13-14 would end up (with my own added details).
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The Box
Do you that Box? You know, the one filled with mysterious things? Mysterious possibilities? Yeah, this is the Box. It contains random one-shots of either original or crossover. Care to share some ideas? Please?
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A futuristic Oregairu.
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Q & A Over Fics, Reviews and Much More
Hello Everyone! So this is gonna be a place where, hopefully, I can talk to you guys about my stories, because yeah, most of my stories are turning out to be a confusing mess and here, well, I will try to make sense of it, a little. It's basically gonna be me talking and responding to certain things about my fics. Okay then. Everything and anything is welcome.
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A forum to discuss idea by those who have no writing skill like me
In this forum people like me, who have no confidence in their writing skill, will discuss ideas so that someday a good writer can pick those up and make a fanfic out of it.
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