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This forum has been created for those that want to share their ideas for stories, pairings, and happenings of the Ai Yazawa's Nana.
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Nana Couples
Discussion on the turbulent couples of Nana
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This is for all NANA fans! Come RP with me! OC's are welcome!
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Are you're interested in Shin, Nobu, Takumi, Ren, Yasu, Asano, and many other gorgeous young NANA male characters living happily together? Well then, WELCOME to LAZY LUCK! A forum dedicated to Shounen-ai and YAOI!
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The Black Stones and Trapnest
I don't know about you, but I adore all of the music in NANA the movie and anime. I love the punk rock elements thrown in by both bands, the Black Stones and Trapnest. Come in and share your love of NANA music here!
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