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Naruto GX (Kind of like Yugioh GX, based around later generations)
Set about 100 years after the end of Naruto, with a whole new shinobi world, and new threats, ect. Rated M, so don't complain about inappropriate content.
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Naruto Shippuden Gaiden
Years have passed since the Fourth Great Ninja War, and things have become peaceful thanks to Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, The Leader of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha, and their friends as well. Mostly everyone from that time have all since past and now a new generation of Ninjas are now swarming the lands of the Five Great Nation. Come and create your OCs and join in the adventure as the adventure continues through this Ninja World as Justice vs Evil still rages on in these 'peaceful' times. *ACTIVE*
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Naruto Role Play
Home of one of the longest-continuing Naruto role plays on Fanfiction. Many exciting scenarios, genres, polls, and discussion topics to choose from! Please feel free to create and design your own characters and role play topics. Everyone is welcome, including original characters. We are a fun and constructive place to grow and hone your role playing skills. Thank you for choosing us! From our staff here at the Naruto Role Play forum; we welcome you!
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Naruto Ocs Like Forums!
This is for all who have a Naruto Oc and who wish to roleplay as that Oc. All are invited!
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The Naruto Project Reloaded
Naruto Project renewed, a public forum, OC's only. Must take exam for membership. Current Arc: Chuunin Exam Arc (The Bonds That Build Us) Info: Focus on character development, social development, rivalries and social standings. [Character Creation for Arc 1 closes 3/17/2013]
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The Naruto Universe
Have you ever imagined what would happen If the Fourth Hokage had survived and stopped Danzo from forcing Itachi from mascarring the Uchiha clan? Well now you can find,because in The Naruto Universe,the Uchiha clan is alive and lives happily with the citizens of Konoha and the Fourth Hokage raised Naruto. Everyone is free to join and take the life of their favourite characters into their own hands,since they will decide who they are friends for or who they date or you can create your own character.
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Naruto Rp
A Naruto rp with my own OC as one of the main characters. Private Invite only.
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Naruto RPing- All Ninja welcome!
A Ninja must face death at every turn. A Ninja must not fear death, he must embrace the possibility that he may die- and only then, can a Ninja truly show courage. OC-based roleplay, cannon characters are available for audition. As of 8/6/14, Still alive, looking for Rp'ers.
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Naruto RPG
An "What If" roleplay. What if the Kyuubi attack/Uchiha Massacre never happened? How will team 7 cope with the threats of Orochimaru, Kabuto and Madara Uchiha? AU/OOC. Rated M for language/moments/lemons.
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Shonen Jumps Naruto: The Will of Fire Rp
Welcome to the Naruto Rp! This is a total retelling of the grand ol' series of Naruto from the beginning, but with a twist...your Oc's exist! They are real, and you, and you alone will decide what role they will play. Will Naruto have you as his first friend? Will you plot against the nations as one of the Akatsuki? Will you receive a cursed seal? Will you follow Sasuke and aid in his path of vengeance? The story is still going strong and is as dynamic as ever. ACTIVE: Updated 08/10/14
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Naruto RP forum
A role play forum, starting at the Graduation from the academy. It's a do over of the original series with OC's, you control the cannons, choose a new path for them or guide them along the original one! its up to you.
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Konohagakure with the Fourth
Welcome to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, where Namikaze Minato reigns as the fourth Hokage. The Will of Fire burns deeply within all who lives here, civilian and shinobi alike. Have fun, learn new jutsu, and remember your nindo! (AU! Minato and Kushina are both alive. The Uchiha Massacre never occurred. Cannons and OCs welcome.)
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Naruto RP
An RP by me, 24tee
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Naruto: If everything changed
Based in a different dimension, things are very, very different in the Naruto world. For one thing, Naruto never existed. What will happen without the main protagonist? Will the world be better? Or will it be far, far worse?
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Black Steel
It's already been three years since the defeat of Kaguya and already another threat has bared it's venomous fangs. A foreign enemy has invaded the Elemental Nations and has secured its foothold in what was once the Hidden Leaf. Your choices: strike back at the invaders or see their empire grow.
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Shinobi Unity
Placed years after the Fourth Great Ninja War, New Shinobi arise, along with a few older ones. However, this means new threats with new or even old masterminds. Come join our family!
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Naruto RP
Complete OC Naruto RP Forum. this forum takes place in a village north of the land of wind, and south of the land of Earth,in the Land of Stars. this village is known as Umbreum, The village hidden in the Shadows. Climb the ranks with an original character in the quest to be the greatest shinobi Alive!
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Naruto AFU
A naruto forum that disregards canon.
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Destinies Changed - Naruto Roleplay
This roleplay takes place in the very beginning of the original series of Naruto. Except you can create your own character's destiny. Change it, or don't. OC's accepted and welcomed!
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Naruto Gaiden: New Era of Ninja
Since the Fourth World War, peace has come to the Five Great Nations. Naruto Uzumaki has become the 7th Hokage of the Leaf Village. Peace never lasts forever. A group rises up from the shadows and seeks to destroy the world. Once again, young ninja are forced to go to war to protect their villages.
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Akatsuki Roleplay
A RP for people who love Akatsuki! Come in and sign up as Either a akatsuki character or create an OC! Everyone's welcome!
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Naruto Rp!
Hello everybody! If you want to make Ocs or claim characters and roleplay come here theres many things you can do like chat so please come and join! First come first serve oh also there's a chance you can be a mod if you are the first few to come also you characters can be Jinchuriki's so come here and have a party ! XD
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Naruto Role Playing Game
Come and join in a roleplay that starts off right at the beginning of the Naruto manga and have fun doing the Chuunin Exams, different types of missions, and other Shinobi activities. Anyone can join and play. Original characters are allowed.
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Naruto Dimension Roleplay
Place for open role play please go to the chat area to start the process of joining.
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Life of a Ninja
You think being a ninja is easy? Well, you're dead wrong! Don't think so? Then prove it by showing the world of Naruto what you're made of!
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