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Naruto Yaoi Challenges
Tired of seeing all the bullshit Naru/Harem challenge forums? Prefer NaruSasu over NaruHina? Then this is the place for you. Here, I will post my Naruto yaoi challenges, and others are welcome to post their own challenges as well. ANY yaoi pairings are allowed.
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Naruto Shippuden
Set during the great ninja war. SaixIno and Sasusaku do NOT exist here! Oc offspring only in the next Gen rp. No Canon offspring! Regular canons and ocs allowed obviously. Come join!
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Naruto Fanfiction Discussion
Talk about stories here
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Tale of Iemaru Sanehiko OC's
Like I said here's the forum for creating your OC's the form for them is inside so please enter one and I'll make sure to put them in the story. For those who have already turned one in via PM you don't have to submit one in here, okay?
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I will be writing an OC-centric naruto fanfiction. Feel free to submit your OC and I will include them! They don't have to be Sand OCs!
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A listing of challenges !
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Naruto OCs Wanted
Submission form posted on bio under Naruto OC Form. Please send in as a PM or follow the form. For more information, PM me. Must be open to me using the character in a FanFiction.
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Naruto's Eye of the Moon plan
Challenge Fic. What if Naruto was crushed by boulders and found by Zetsu and brought to Madara instead of Obito? What if Naruto saw reality by watching the person he loves die in front of him? What if Naruto was the one who Manipulated the Fourth Mizukage? What if Naruto was Tobi? What if Naruto was the secret leader of the Akatsuki? What if Naruto was the one who declared the Fourth great Shinobi war? What if Naruto was the one who activated the Eye of the Moon plan?
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Team Seven meets Team Kakashi Challenge
This is a challenge to see who can write the best, Team Seven meets Team Kakashi story. It is obviously time travel and it doesn't matter who travels where. I prefer Team Kakashi going back in time. This is a fanfiction where past selves meet their future selves, none of that "we're in our younger bodies" crap. It is to over used. At least 5,000 words. Whoever's story I like, doesn't matter if I have already mentioned someone else. I will mention you in the next chapter of my story, A Difference Lying Down
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