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Tales of Negima RP community
Welcome. Are you here to RP with us? We can't wait to meet you
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Negima Next!
Scientia Unita is a new school built to unify all of the different peoples from the magical world and the human world. Join in as a student from any race you want and become a Magister Magi or a Minister Magi or just a normal student! Enjoy your time learning magic, going on crazy adventures, and learning from those who came before you (A.K.A. canon characters)
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Negima:The RP!
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Negima Insanity
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Negima RPG: To be or not to be
Create your own character or RP as one of the many characters in the Negima universe! Please be polite and respectful of each other, keep profanity to a minimum, but other than that... Go wild! This RP exists in a different universe than either the first
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Negima Rp!
Pretty self explanatory
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Negima Crack II: Son of Negima Crack
We're back baby, and crackier than usual. With all the same zaniness and now half the drugs. Sanity is not required or welcome.
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Negima RPG! En español!
Amantes de Negima, escojan un personaje y a divertirse en el foro!... Se da las gracias al foro en ingles: Negima RPG: To be or not to be
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The Train Station
It is here that new faces take their first step into Mahora Gakuen, it is here that the students witness this new person, one never seen before, and with this first step, that person is known as an OC.
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Negima Yuri
Both men and women like yuri and with a class full of beautiful girls there are endless possibility. For anyone who loves yuri/shoju ai come discuss your favorite pairings.
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Negima: Couplings
Favorite pairing? Least favorite pairing? Story ideas? Discuss them all here.
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Couples in Negima
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Between the Sheets: The Official Between 13 and 15 Forum
If you enjoy my story, Between 13 and 15, then come on in and stay a spell! Chat with other Tweenies (B13&15 fans) or just read what I have to say about past chapters, the latest chapters and upcoming chapters. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS if you haven't read everything up to the current chapter.
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Happy Material
The story is that 10-year old mage, Negi Springfield from Wales is assigned a job after graduating from magical academy. He is sent to Japan in order to teach a class of girls and boys, without giving out his secret: he can use magic. However, if he does reveal his magic secret, a great punishment falls upon him: he gets turned into an ermine!
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Hill of Tara Tower
Long ago it was told that the Hill of Tara held court to the High Kings of Ireland. Today the Hill hold a similar purpose; the Tara Tower holds the Gate way to the Magical World along with rooms that are created by someone called the Tower Master.
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Negima: Art of True Magic
A fan project that I need help co-writing it or allow someone to adopt if anyone is interested in what they see in here, so have a look and you be the judge of this alternative Negima remake.
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Class 3A
A little place where we can talk about the fab 31 of the Mahora Girls Middle School
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The Magister Magers
This is the forum where you can chat about your favorite charcter, couples, episodes, and about what you prefer the manga or the Animi. if ya dont like the show then don't enter.
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Negima Discussion
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Zazie Rainyday fanclub
Name says it all! If you love Zazie, if shes your fave character if you have something to say about her, this is the place. Haters comments will be deleted. Also this is my first of many discussion forums to come, there will be one for everyone including
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Mahou Sensei Negima: Mind and Heart fall in Love
It's the official discussion forum for 'Unequally Rational and Emotional', but all kinds of other Negima topics are welcomed as long as they are Safe for Work.
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Role Playing OC and Canon Characters accepted
This is speciifically for Role Play, obviously there needs to be more than one moderator, if anyone is interested, PM me about it, there isn't a storyline yet but just give characters, this will be more OC-Friendly than CC-friendly
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Library Island: A Negima Resource
There's a lot of information and disinformation on this series, and incredible amounts of speculation regarding plot points Akamatsu never clarified or mentioned. Unfortunately, the vast majority of that information is spread out across the web, making it inconvenient to discover a particular fact or problem. So, this is a forum where you can ask questions and make reasonable speculations about Negima as a series, in order to bring that wealth of information together in one spot. Enjoy!
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A Magical Sensei RP
Just an rp for Negima. It shall be pretty relaxed with not exactly a major goal. In other words, a world where you can follow your desires.
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makeing negima better
hey if you ever thought that there could have been some better things that could be added to negima!
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