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Negima Next!
Scientia Unita is a new school built to unify all of the different peoples from the magical world and the human world. Join in as a student from any race you want and become a Magister Magi or a Minister Magi or just a normal student! Enjoy your time learning magic, going on crazy adventures, and learning from those who came before you (A.K.A. canon characters)
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Negima! Magister Magi RP
Here, in Mahora Academy, 30,000 students ranging from Grade School to University level all come to learn and socialize. But what most of the students don't realize is that Mahora Academy serves as the headquarters of the Kanto Magic Association! Some of the students - and teachers! - learn magic along with their normal education, and some whacky things can happen when they try to keep their magic a secret! Come and join us as we try and live out our days peacefully- Or not!
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A Magical Sensei RP
Just an rp for Negima. It shall be pretty relaxed with not exactly a major goal. In other words, a world where you can follow your desires.
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