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Negima Next!
Scientia Unita is a new school built to unify all of the different peoples from the magical world and the human world. Join in as a student from any race you want and become a Magister Magi or a Minister Magi or just a normal student! Enjoy your time learning magic, going on crazy adventures, and learning from those who came before you (A.K.A. canon characters)
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Negima:The RP!
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Happy Material
The story is that 10-year old mage, Negi Springfield from Wales is assigned a job after graduating from magical academy. He is sent to Japan in order to teach a class of girls and boys, without giving out his secret: he can use magic. However, if he does reveal his magic secret, a great punishment falls upon him: he gets turned into an ermine!
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A Magical Sensei RP
Just an rp for Negima. It shall be pretty relaxed with not exactly a major goal. In other words, a world where you can follow your desires.
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