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Noragami Roleplay - Your Adventure Begins Now OPEN
[Noragami Roleplay] – In the modern world, deities exist, flickering in the shadows of passing our wishes, lurking in the cracks of the stories we tell, and skimming through the legends we have created over the years, unbeknownst to the human populace, all connected to another world. The world of the gods is a complicated one; come carve your path in the world of the deities, and come explore the world of the far-shore, phantoms, demons, and other such enemies are in waiting. [now open baby]
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Noragami: Sun, Moon, and Sea
"Humans are losing faith." That phrase is the basis of the 'sibling disagreement' between the Sun, the Moon, and the Sea. Susanoo-no-Mikoto intends to bring down the full wrath of the gods on those who have lost faith. Amaterasu Omikami intends to protect the humans no matter what comes, even those who disrespect the gods. Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto intends to have nothing to do with either of his siblings and let the humans be. A celestial war is quickly brewing. Who will win?
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Noragami: OC Rebellion
Private Forum
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May our Fates be Forever Intertwined
Five yen is all it takes to get your wish granted within reason of course so sit back and let us Gods along with our Regalia help! AU!
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Takamagahara (PrivateInvite Only)
This is a clearly a private RP. So look elsewhere for your Noragami Rping. #sorrynotsorry
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Noragami RP
I noticed the lack of Noragami RP Forums and decided to make one of my own. I wish this to be a friendly community so please, no trolls. Alright lets all have fun RPing this awesome anime!
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capypa land
seorang reinkarnasi yg tercemar doujin /"hei henti-ah!/-yato/"kenapa bukankah ini yang dilakukan seseorang untuk menunjukan kasih sayangnya?"/-ebisu /"bukan bodoh!AH!/ warning!: yaoi hard doujin .ebisuxyato
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baca aja
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