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Noragami Roleplay - OC
Noragami Roleplay – In our modern world, deities exist, flickering in the shadows of our passing wishes, lurking between the cracks of stories we tell time and time again; legends we share are dented with the truth from another world, The Gods. Come join the Gods, their Shinki, and travel your own path into the world of hidden Deities!
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One Wish for Five Yen
"You, with nowhere to go and nowhere to return...I grant you a place to belong." Role plays, discussions, and more. Canons and OCs welcome! ACTIVE
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May our Fates be Forever Intertwined
Five yen is all it takes to get your wish granted within reason of course so sit back and let us Gods along with our Regalia help! AU!
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Noragami RP
I noticed the lack of Noragami RP Forums and decided to make one of my own. I wish this to be a friendly community so please, no trolls. Alright lets all have fun RPing this awesome anime!
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