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Nurarihyon no Mago: Rise of the Fourth Heir
It has been several years since Rikuo Nura took his place at the head of the Night Parade. The original Nurarihyon has passed on and now it is time for an heir to be chosen and trained in the arts of the Yokai.
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Nurarihyon no Magoぬらりひょんの孫
There is an apparent lack of Nurarihyon no Mago/ぬらりひょんの孫 supporters out here... Come on people... spread the love for this manga and create some fanfictions about it! General discussion and free insanity. Moderators are allowed to create the forum topics.
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Shikigami and Fear!
I really want to discuss others opinion for Yura x Rikuo I means they are'nt bad couple are they? I wish this couple was also as popular as Kana x Rikuo and Tsurara x Rikuo.. please tell your opinion about this couple ! :
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Who thinks Rikuo should go with Tsurara and why?
Should Tsurara go with Rikuo? Of course she should! TsuraraxRikuo forever! XD Feel free to discuss about anything that's got to do with these two.
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Do you think Tsurara X Gozumaru is cute?
I'm just wondering...is there anybody out there that likes this couple too? Cause I find myself attracted to them! But I'm still a Tsurara X Rikuo Yokai fan! It's just that I thought I might change pairings sometime. Don't hate me! I'm just want to know
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nurarihyon no mago - l'antre des fans francophones
A tous les amoureux francophone du monde des yokais yakuza ce forum vous est dédié ! venez donc parler ou exposer vos théories ou vos projets de fic sur ce monde fabuleux régit par la "crainte"
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