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OSR Roleplaying
This is a forum where you can make up your own character and you can roleplay as them. It about racing like the series but it takes place about 10 years after Eva competed in the Great Race of Oban.
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Oban Star Racers: It Starts Again
The Race of Oban, it has started up again. Who will win the race this time? This starts 200 years after the first race in the show of Oban. Now, more people have joined and the stakes are even higher. What will the grand prize be?
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OSR Role playing and discussion
this is a forum for all people that love the oban series. the roleplaying in this forum will be a based on a race is being hosted on earth 15 years after oban and the characters that you come up with will be the participants in the race. and as for hte di
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Star Racers
Your first stop on a great journey of discovery. Discuss all things Oban here.
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The Race of Oban
Chat about Oban here.
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Questions about the Nourasian Knights series
Please post any and all questions about this series, concerning "Lost in Nourasia" and any other, in this forum. I will answer all questions concerning this series.
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