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Oh! My Goddess! Everlasting Story
Taking place after the Manga end, new faces appear that bring new troubles and new joys. the life for those living in Midgard will never be the same.
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Peorth's Crash and Burn Line
Need advice for affairs of the heart? Unsure where to take a relationship in your fic? Let Peorth be your guide. Genuine advice from a genuine love goddess! Just for kicks, folks :
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Conflicted Hearts and Alternate Pairings
Place where you can talk about my UrdKeiichi fic, as well as Alternate Pairings that goes against the Canon.
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General Talk
Talk about anything reated to OMG here! Don't care what excpet that it follows the rules since I am too lazy to do too much deleting!
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Oh! My Goddess's New Invention Forum
My and yours ideas about Oh!My goddess fanfic and I invite who love this animemanga to join together in here. Welcome!
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Suggestions for Ah! Keiichi Gets an Angel?
Choices and details for future chapters of my Fan-Fiction "Ah! Keiichi Gets an Angel?" This forum will discuss things such as naming characters, choosing plot-lines, and other things related to the Fan-Fiction.
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Facts and mythes of Ah! My Goddess and all things
There are a lot of misconceptions about AMG that need clearing up, so come a post your questions and ideas.
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OG characters unite!
If anyone has a fanfic where they use their own original character, I'm looking for moderators. Talk about your characters, answer questions, and basically increase character awareness.
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The Devil's Valkyrie and Her Goetia Demons
A forum for discussion on the Angel Biter and all related fics-Everything from advice to explanaitions
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Son Of Urd
This forum is to discuss all my SOU related work
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RacerDan's Oh My Goddess Forum
Just a forum for any of the fics i've written. Feel free to leave feedback and offer suggestions for my stories. Also general Ah! My Goddess disscusion forum. Thanks!
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Zankoku na Tenshi no These
Discussion place for anything and everything in Zankoku. Characters, storyline, stuff that is different from cannon and where the story diverges from the manga.
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Myths of Skuld
Within this forum, you may discuss all of my published stories related to Skuld. I look forward to hearing from all of you!
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Scarred Survivors
Discussion forum for Scarred Survivors
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