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Forum for LuNa fanfic authors to discuss their current works in progress, and just random chat. Mostly random chat.
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 31,574 - Since: 10-12-07 - Admin: Ryo Hoshi
One Piece RP world
WOOHOO! This is a One Piece forum ((obviously)) Create and OC and RP with others! You can sail in one of the four seas, you can be a bad pirate, plunder and murder/be a good pirate, save people with the occasional mischief. Go on adventures! Have fights and battles! Find romance and save your love!
English - Topics: 40 - Posts: 29,429 - Since: 07-18-14 - Admin: pkaiserbro
Captain's Lounge
Long after the second pirate kings demise the next generation have begun their own trails and adventures. Kick back, relax and set off towards the New world in the race to become the next pirate king. Next Gen One Piece RP. INVITE ONLY FORUM.
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 21,944 - Since: 09-26-10 - Admin: Aurora Nightz
One Piece: A different world
In a different world, Luffy joined Shanks intead of setting out on his own Zoro hunts pirates with his own crew, and the rest of the Straw hats never met. Get ready to set sail for adventure, the next Pirate King could be among you! Back from hiatus. Accepting newcomers!
English - Topics: 47 - Posts: 12,981 - Since: 10-09-13 - Admin: AlphaTempe
The Yaoi Supernova Authors Guild
Come hang with some of the best Yaoi / Shounen-ai writers around, that treat us to great stories dealing with characters of One Piece, and all your fav hot boy pairings.
English - Topics: 75 - Posts: 7,582 - Since: 06-29-10 - Admin: Lolly Dream
One Piece
Takes place 50 years later. Set sail on the high seas.
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 6,783 - Since: 12-26-12 - Admin: Zeus Lord of the Sky
Le Forum de tous les Périls
Forum où vous trouverez beaucoup d'idioties, quelques trucs sérieux quand même, des jeux et bien sûr, des fics, le tout sur l'univers merveilleux de One Piece. Bienvenue !
French - Topics: 22 - Posts: 6,151 - Since: 09-15-17 - Admin: Neechu et Grise
One Piece: Gaiden Legacy
From the East Blue to the Grand Line, the possibilities are many. Hunt for Treasure and explore uncharted islands as a pirate, fight for justice as a Marine, serve the government or raise an army to conquer as a Warlord of the Sea. The path is yours as the story unfolds.
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 3,818 - Since: 11-20-16 - Admin: Mike AZ 2
The Thousand Sunny
A place where all One Piece fans can unite, discuss our favorite pirates and make new friends. Everyone is welcome.
English - Topics: 84 - Posts: 2,832 - Since: 02-14-12 - Admin: duwangs
One Piece Fan Forum
I love One Piece and everything about it. If you love One Piece like me lets talk about it. As a matter of a fact lets go on an adventure so come on in and fell free to say however you feel about One Piece and our Opinions!
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 2,696 - Since: 11-25-12 - Admin: Young Sarafah
One Piece Forum RP
Join us on this new adventure, in seek of the One Piece, it takes place 30 years after the Luffy finds the One Piece.
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 2,194 - Since: 07-09-11 - Admin: Sage of the White Sands
One Piece: Legends of the Sea
It is 30 Years in the future and Monkey D. Luffy and his band of Strawhat Pirates have gone down in history as legends. But After an extensive battle with the World Government, the Stawhats have gone missing, as well as the One Piece. With no one to stand in their way, The Marines hold a tight grip on the seas and have begun hunting down the remaining Pirates of the old Pirate Era. It is now up to the next generation to set sail and keep the Pirate Era alive or die trying.
English - Topics: 20 - Posts: 1,999 - Since: 03-05-18 - Admin: Kyamatsu
New Generation
The next-generation of pirates is here, come explore the world of One Piece decades after the original one. Gather your own crew of pirates, or enlist in the marines in order to bring justice to the world. Action, Adventure, Hilarity and more in this RP Forum. Join Today!
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 1,992 - Since: 07-29-15 - Admin: Ultrabot Ultimus The Hedgehog
One Piece: Writer's Forum
We're bringing the Forum's back people! Anywho, this is a forum for all you One Piece lovers out there. Here, we'll talk about anything from One Piece to favorite food or whatever. Get your meat, ramen, senpai, and enjoy the forum!
English - Topics: 32 - Posts: 1,553 - Since: 05-16-15 - Admin: Invader Cole
One Piece: Ultimate Adventure
(My old forum got closed due to a certain person getting my password so i'm making a new one.) After their fight against Doflamingo on Dressrosa. The straw hat crew continues their adventure in the New World! What will they find? Com aboard and find out!
English - Topics: 23 - Posts: 1,533 - Since: 01-15-15 - Admin: judaiXasuka12hk
Bajo la misma bandera
Como Luffy y su tripulación, todos vamos por el mundo en busca de nuestros sueños. Algunas veces hacemos este camino solos, otras veces en grandes grupos, otras veces nos encontramos con otros marineros que van persiguiendo sus propias metas. Seas quien seas y vengas de donde vengas, no dejes que tu pasado te limite. Si deseas encontrar el One Piece tanto como nosotros, eres bienvenido a este barco. Y recuerda que aunque algún día nos separemos, nuestros espíritus siempre navegarán bajo la misma bandera.
Spanish - Topics: 41 - Posts: 1,468 - Since: 09-07-15 - Admin: Erika Peterson
Grand Liberation
For reasons unknown the Navy is attempting to shut off all access to the Grand Line. The pirates move to stop them for their freedom. The Navy fights to protect their honor. Which will you choose to protect? OCs only
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 1,237 - Since: 03-09-12 - Admin: Justagoodguy
Across the Grand Line
Forum for One Piece RP (OC's) and random chat. Come Join! :D
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 972 - Since: 11-23-11 - Admin: xXFireFistAceXx
Plot Bunnies that need a how
I am a very imaganative person with very little writing skills and I'm sure other people are to. However I belive I have good Ideas that would make a good story So put in a story plot or tell someone your taking it
English - Topics: 25 - Posts: 875 - Since: 05-03-07 - Admin: wheathermangohanssj4
Our Time, Our Place, One Piece!
It has been 50 years since Pirate King Monkey. D. Luffy has been executed. The marines have become more powerful then during the worst generation. Most pirate crews are stopped before they even reach the Grand Line do you have what it takes?
English - Topics: 12 - Posts: 849 - Since: 10-17-13 - Admin: CharmGirlLove
One Piece: Voyage of Dreams
Dreams. Ideals. Hope. These things run through the hearts of all men. They power our souls and give us purpose. Come with us and set sail on a grand adventure and make your dreams come true
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 784 - Since: 03-09-15 - Admin: Skyla the echidna
Be a pirate!
Who wants to be a pirate? most little girls wanted to be princesses or fairies, i always wanted to be a pirate. So create ur character and join the crew!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 637 - Since: 07-06-06 - Admin: jade-blue
All about RPs
There may be people doing RPs that need a temporary character to play for them. If you want one, just ask in this forum. We also have our own RP.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 564 - Since: 08-14-06 - Admin: Ty300JD
One Piece A New Era (Roleplay)
It has been One Hundred years since the execution of the Pirate King known as Monkey D. Luffy. The Civil war is still going strong in the New world and pirates have taken over the weaker villages and very few safe places are left, the new pirate era has begun, now known as: The New Era. Roleplay in the world of One Piece and meet other pirates along with marines and bounty hunters!
English - Topics: 18 - Posts: 462 - Since: 07-26-17 - Admin: BibbityBoo
One Piece A New Crew
With his only crew member being his best friend Jet the Red furred Pikachu at the moment. Anthony sails the sea looking for Monkey D. Luffy the king of the pirates. He hopes to gather a strong crew of eleven. What dangers await Lightning bolt crew.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 432 - Since: 11-09-12 - Admin: Cloud5001
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