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Captain's Lounge
Following the death of the second pirate king a new generation has taken over the reigns years later. Captain's unite as we drink, gamble and have a few adventures along the way. Second Gen OC's.
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One Piece RP world
WOOHOO! This is a One Piece forum ((obviously)) Create and OC and RP with others! You can sail in one of the four seas, you can be a bad pirate, plunder and murder/be a good pirate, save people with the occasional mischief. Go on adventures! Have fights and battles! Find romance and save your love!
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One Piece: A different world
In a different world, Luffy joined Shanks intead of setting out on his own Zoro hunts pirates with his own crew, and the rest of the Straw hats never met. Get ready to set sail for adventure, the next Pirate King could be among you! Back from hiatus. Accepting newcomers!
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The New World
AU. Money D Luffy, his crew and everyone we've grown to know does not exist. In place is a set of new player's, all with varying goals. The New World offers Roggers Treasure to anyone who is brave enough to take it...
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One Piece: Ultimate Adventure
(My old forum got closed due to a certain person getting my password so i'm making a new one.) After their fight against Doflamingo on Dressrosa. The straw hat crew continues their adventure in the New World! What will they find? Com aboard and find out!
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New Generation
The next-generation of pirates is here, come explore the world of One Piece decades after the original one. Gather your own crew of pirates, or enlist in the marines in order to bring justice to the world. Action, Adventure, Hilarity and more in this RP Forum. Join Today!
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Our Time, Our Place, One Piece!
It has been 50 years since Pirate King Monkey. D. Luffy has been executed. The marines have become more powerful then during the worst generation. Most pirate crews are stopped before they even reach the Grand Line do you have what it takes?
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One Piece: Voyage of Dreams
Dreams. Ideals. Hope. These things run through the hearts of all men. They power our souls and give us purpose. Come with us and set sail on a grand adventure and make your dreams come true
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Greatest Treasure
Gather your friends, form a crew and set off on the greatest adventure of a lifetime! This forum supports more than just One Piece style characters, so if you're not into crossovers I'm sorry to say you'll need to look elsewhere.
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One Piece RP: Beginning of a New Pirate Age!
Several years after Monkey D. Luffy becomes Pirate King, he announces another pirate age during his execution at the hands of The World Goverment who were able to capture him and not his crew with the help of newly formed devil fruit, what will happen in this new Pirate Age, who will rise to the challenge for Pirate King? and who will fall...and will the world government finally be destroyed?
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One Piece: The Legend Goes On
It's been 30 years since the Second Pirate King Luffy was executed, but in his death he did the same thing his predecessor, Gol D. Roger, did. He ignited the ambition of people throughout the world, as he announced that ever since he had obtained the One Piece, he and his crew, who were now spread across the world, on Luffy's orders so that they would be safe, had added to it, and had hidden it once more, for the next King, or Queen, to find. Many people set out to sea, though only few returned to the Grand
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PRIVATE One Piece Rp
This is a PRIVATE rp group, please don't ask to join if not already given permission, please and thank you
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One Piece RP of Doomethness
One Piece roleplaying.
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One Piece: New World Saga
A slightly AU role playing forum featuring Cannon and OCs situated after the Punk Hazard Arc
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The New World Rp
Join in with others and role-play as the characters from One Piece! From marines to pirates to secondary characters. This forum will only have cannon pairings. Absolutely no OCs allowed.
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One piece 1 on 1 rp
Hello, My name is zen and I really want to RP one piece but I rather keep it it between two people because i find that it is easier to get throw plots and if its only two people please pm me if your intrested ps: we will be cannon and oc characters
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One Piece AU
The Once peaceful 4 blue seas, the Grandline and the New World are about to have their worlds turn upside down when new future pirates of the worst generation. Will you be a Yonko watching them from your throne? A Shichibukai expecting things from them? A Admiral or Marine that's keeping a watchful eye on this new Worst Generation? Or are you a pirate hoping to make it as a Worst generation?
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