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One Punch Man: Hero Association
While the 'Caped Baldy' may protect as many as he can, evil still lurks in the many cities of Earth. Will you rise to save it, or let it crumble away?
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Invitation For Writers to write Good OPM Crossovers
Yo, I am just a writer who wants to bring good stories to Fanfiction. I am inviting any writers (one or two at least) to cowrite a good fanfiction of One Punch Man and any other anime compatible with the story. If any of you are game, then write a good snip scene regarding the ideas you have for the story.
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He's got me twisted
17 year old Yuka, young sister of saitama returns to her hometown to see her big brother after being absent for almost two years. However when she meets her brother's disciple Genos, her whole world turns upside down.
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Hi...this is just a forum I made for no reason! Just do whatever, but keep it PG.
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A place to find what you’re looking for Opm fanfic wise
If you’re looking for a specific type of fanfic, or a fanfic you’ve read but can’t find. This is the place to ask.
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I throw the challenge to publish a fanfic in which the heroes and/or civil watch the anime or the memories of Saitame. He may have couples or none. May those who are interested come to participate!
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