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Ouran High School Host Club RP - both Cannon and Next Generation
Come and meet the hosts, RP with others, you're all welcome. Also Next Generation Mini forum is in the process of being created within this Forum, so if you wish to rp in the next Generation then feel free. If you seem confused feel free to drop me a PM.
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Ouran Academy
Usually only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran Academy. But for now we'll make an exception. Step into our world and become a student at the Ouran Academy, meet new friends, create your own characters and join or found some of our wonderful clubs!
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A Rose for Everafter
Welcome to Ouran High School! There are many things to do here! PLEASE COME JOIN!
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Ouran RP continued & redone
Gathering dust...
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Ouran High School Host Club
Recently Restarted: 12/2/12. Pleanty of canons to claim and OCs still being accepted! A RP for boys and girls with way too much time on their hands!
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Welcome to Music Room Three
THIS IS A ROLEPLAY FORUM! STep into Music Room Three and be our guest. Whether Hist or guest you're garunteed to have loads of fun. (That was a horrible summary...heh...)
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Welcome to Ouran Academy
Welcome to Ouran Academy, an institution dedicated to the education of the highbred and fabulously weatlhy. Ouran Academy is dedicated to the enriched learning of the coorporate executives of the future, and the few underpriviliged youth that are accepted into Ouran's most exclusive scholarship program. We also provide execellent extracurricular activities to supplement the important lessons Ouran teaches.
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Today, You Are a Host!
Good looks that attracts the public eye. More wealth than you can imagine. Chivalry that will never be able to overlook the hideous wickedness of this world. That's what makes up the Ouran Host Club. We're here! Watch out. *OPEN RP*
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Ouran highschool host club RP! yay!
i love RP-ing! soooo have fun roleplaying! OC's are welcome! i will be role playing with the character from my story sticky situations :) its a honeyxOC so if people wanna help me out with honey and Kira(my character) roleplaying then PM me!
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Host Club Rp
A forum for Cannons and Oc's! Anyone is welcome
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come role play in the school of Ouran high school
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Roleplay as your OC or canon characters!
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Ouran High School Host Club RP
A OHSHC roleplay.
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Ouran High School Host Club RP
If you're an Ouran High School Host Club fan, then you'll LOVE this role play forum! Responses are so frequent, it's not even funny!
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Ouran High School Host Club Next Generation
It's a new year at the academy and without Haruhi and the gang, who will take on the task of running the host club especially now that it also allows female members? Be come a host or just a student and make your own adventure inside the halls of Ouran.
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Ouran forum of fun
Welcome. This ouran will blow your mind. Everyone welcome
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Ouran Academy
This is a remake of the Ouran academy Bee used to own w
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OHSHC: The next generation
Please join so here is the Summary: The gang are now parents and now have to get their children to attend Ouran academy (Since they are all teens) . They are now the host/Hostess club. Haruhi and the gang now have to put up with their Teen age children. Play the children (your Oc's) from 1st years to there time of kids and maybe longer.
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Fantasy Ouran High School Host Club Role Play
This isn't your average ouran role play. The hosts and our characters are fantasy or mythical creatures. This also has a plot to it. If you're interested, feel free to join up.
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Slayer The Cats OHHC RP
Hello there wanna RP than join. Oc's allowed. What shall happen who knows it's all up to you Rpers. So what do ya say ha. Good times garunteed.
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Ouran Academy RPG
[ADVANCED] "Lineage counts first; wealth a close second." That is our motto here at this prestigious school! The Host Club, while being our most prized club, isn't the only thing we offer. Enter and delve into the beauty and entertainment that can be found within our walls. (OCs welcome or audition for a Canon! Immense creativity!)
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Ouran: Hosts vs Hostess
Everyone knows of the host club at Ouran. But now there is also a hostess club on the rise? What will it be like with to separate clubs with one common goal? Warning : OC-centric.
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Music Room 3
Welcome this is where you can role-play as someone visiting our host club or just as a host everyone is welcome oc's and all enjoy
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Haruhi X Hosts Rp
Okay so I'm new to this.. but this is A romance Between Haruhi and the Hosts. No Oc's can be paired with her but are allowed to be made.
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OHSHC: The Next Generation
As the title states, this is the next generation of the host club. New people, new faces, new conflicts. It's all in the name of fun, so take a look before you simply write it off.
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