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Overlord rp forum
A rp forum dedicated to the overlord anime. This forum is active and takes place in a world where Lord Momunga has fallen into a comalike state. Otherwise everything else will follow a canon storyline with your OCs.
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Overlord! The RP
A kind of AU where more or less just be a different person becomes the Overlord, so that's fun.
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Overlord General Forum
Come and talk all things Overlord. Need resources? Want to discuss an idea? Talk about the series(anime, LN, etc)? Welcome!
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Disater Game
The game that Ainz Ooal Gown think while rule in new world in 1 ago . The Guardian battle game state. What will happen fight between guardian.
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Names and power of the op items
For those who are wondering what kind of sick man would make World class items in Yggdrasil? Hehe, well maybe we talk about here then.
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