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Overlord rp forum
A rp forum dedicated to the overlord anime. This forum is active and takes place in a world where Lord Momunga has fallen into a comalike state. Otherwise everything else will follow a canon storyline with your OCs.
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Overlord! The RP
A kind of AU where more or less just be a different person becomes the Overlord, so that's fun.
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Overlord: A New World In The Making
What if instead of waiting for the servers of Yggdrasil to shutdown Ainz left with HeroHero, and now you and a bunch of other players who stayed are spread across Yggdrasil and are now trapped in the MMO. What will happen now?
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Overlord General Forum
Come and talk all things Overlord. Need resources? Want to discuss an idea? Talk about the series(anime, LN, etc)? Welcome!
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Names and power of the op items
This forum is where people can make world class item in their image.
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Disater Game
The game that Ainz Ooal Gown think while rule in new world in 1 ago . The Guardian battle game state. What will happen fight between guardian.
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