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The other side of the looking glass
An RP forum for Pandora Hearts. Joining would be very much appreciated and OCs are always welcome.
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Crimson Clocks
Basically an rp forum centered around Pandora Hearts. Play as your favourite character or an OC. There's also a chat thread for general talk.
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Pandora Hearts RP
This is just another RP forum! I hope that you'll join, I promise it will be fun! : OCs are ALWAYS welcome! This may turn AU, or and AU thread will be available. I have yet to decide.
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Pandora Hearts RP
Dead. dead. dead.
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Pandorically Heartful
A forum to discuss the manga, anime, and characters of Pandora Hearts.
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Illegal Contractors
Anyone who loves the Pandora hearts series and the illegal contractors in it!
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Chain Academy!
This is the Chain Academy where chains and humans are accepted! Claim an canon character! CURRENTLY MOST ACTIVE RP FORUM!
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Pandora Hearts RP: What is held in the Future
Join the Pandora Hearts RP! Make sure to be active enough, about being unactive for a month is the limit. Takes place after the whole story so there are a bunch of plot loops so try to assume a few things! Chat and RP about Pandora Hearts!
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Pandora Hearts Forum
Want to discuss PH, share PH related stuff and maybe even get an interesting RP going? Do it here.
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Pandora Hearts
Yere we can talk about manga and anime Pandora Hearts, and maybe even start an RPG
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Pandora hearts rp!
Recently I have fell in love with Pandora Hearts and rp as their characters! So I decided to make a rp forum33 This rp is for the original characters! Or make up an Oc and rp. Cautions M rated. Two characters are already taken3
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Into the Abyss
RP as a Chain or as a human looking to become an Illegal Contractor...but only in the Abyss!
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Pandora Hearts Role Play
Pandora Hearts RP :)
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Break Xerxes
area for all break fans to gather
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Pandora Hearts Discussions
In this forum, we will talk about...well... Pandora Hearts for each topic.
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Pandora Hearts: An RPG
Welcome to the Pandora Hearts RPG, I hope you have a wonderful time here And please, leave your sanity by the front door ! ;D
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Fic Requests?
Can't find what you're looking for? You can request a fic here.
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The Perfect of Pandora
This is the one, the only, and the first Pandora Hearts fanfic contest on fanfiction. Here, we'll so who's really the best of the best.
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Down the Rabbit Hole :D
This is my first PH RP (: RP as your favorite charries or create your own OC :3 just have fun with it :D
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Fanfic ideas
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 6 - Since: 02-09-11 - Admin: modulation
Simple petites interrogations que je me pose et je suis curieuse de savoir quel est votre couple PH préféré... voilà, c'est aussi simple que ça. -yaoi, yuri largement admis-
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Alice's RolePlay Theater
Welcome to Alice's RolePlay Theater! All you servants and lowlives, the great Alice-sama shall be offering my gloriousness. Go ahead and Roleplay to your heart's content! This is my RolePlay Forum, and all RPers are welcome! If you actually do join, you better not bore me to death! But all joking aside, I can assure you that this will be fun. Let your brain flow from all possible scenarios, everyone is free to join! OCs are acceptable as well.
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OZ is the BRabbit!
Did you read the recent update of the manga? Jack revealed Oz's sin! Oz is the B-rabbit and Jack was his contractor! Look it up in
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Apa yang akan muncul jika kau nekat membuka kotak terlarang bernama Pandora? Apakah kematian? Ataukah kehidupan? Tak ada yang tahu, misteri apa yang bersembunyi di balik gelapnya kotak itu.
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