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Panty and Stocking forum
I"m surprised there wasn't a forum for this awesome show. Here it is! A PAnty and Stocking forum.
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Panty & Stocking w Garterbelt SECOND WIND!
The city where love and desire fly freely. Daten City. A city where roleplayers go back in time shortly before a bull**** Gainax ending, many years later, for the sake of adding even more characters and chaos into the mix. A mix that lies on the fault line between Heaven and Hell. Fallen Angels, Ghosts, and even Demons run rampant among the humans; who will finally come out on top?
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Scanty and Kneesocks!
Come and talk about your favorite Demon Sisters,Scanty and Kneesocks!
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A nice little forum for those who wish to RP in that kick ass show called Panty and Stocking! Demons, angles, and clothing turned into guns! Its all perfect and everyone is allowed here to RP and even make their own Topics.
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Day at the Beach
This is a RP I made up in a dream and in class, It's a beach RP so all activities and clothing are beach related ok. Also keep the swearing to a minmum Unlees you are panty
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I make my own ERBOH (Epic Rap Battles Of History) series on this website. And I would like to do a rap battle that is set up in teams of 3. The rap battle is Panty, Stocking & Garterbelt vs. Scanty, Kneesocks & Corset. However, I cannot do every characters rap since I don't know a lot about the show itself. All the things I do know about are either from Youtube or Wikipedia. I will rap for Corset & only need writers to rap for Panty, Stocking, Garterbelt, Scanty & Kneesocks. If you're interested, please lea
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