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Panty and Stocking forum
I"m surprised there wasn't a forum for this awesome show. Here it is! A PAnty and Stocking forum.
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Panty & Stocking w Garterbelt SECOND WIND!
The city where love and desire fly freely. Daten City. A city where roleplayers go back in time shortly before a bull**** Gainax ending, many years later, for the sake of adding even more characters and chaos into the mix. A mix that lies on the fault line between Heaven and Hell. Fallen Angels, Ghosts, and even Demons run rampant among the humans; who will finally come out on top?
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Scanty and Kneesocks!
Come and talk about your favorite Demon Sisters,Scanty and Kneesocks!
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Day at the Beach
This is a RP I made up in a dream and in class, It's a beach RP so all activities and clothing are beach related ok. Also keep the swearing to a minmum Unlees you are panty
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I make my own ERBOH (Epic Rap Battles Of History) series on this website. And I would like to do a rap battle that is set up in teams of 3. The rap battle is Panty, Stocking & Garterbelt vs. Scanty, Kneesocks & Corset. However, I cannot do every characters rap since I don't know a lot about the show itself. All the things I do know about are either from Youtube or Wikipedia. I will rap for Corset & only need writers to rap for Panty, Stocking, Garterbelt, Scanty & Kneesocks. If you're interested, please lea
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