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Pershop Of Horrors Rp
Yes indeed, it is a Petshop Of Horrors RP! Oc's are very welcome, although there is a slight twist. Come, come and read to get to know more. The forum is still new, and needs people and is therefore not abandoned. Come here
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Fic Search and Recs
A place to search for fics as well as rec your favorite ones....
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Welcome to Count D's
It is my dream for this forum to grow into a place where all PSOH fans can come to: discuss the story and their views on it, obsess over their favorite pairings, and turn to other people on the forum to contemplate over PSOH fics they are writing.
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The Oni Dance
"Chris...tell me why I would allow this?" "Because you said that you wanted to test something out, I do too." "And just who do you wish to use?" "The ones behind the restricted door." The Oni Dance, a time in which China Town becomes engulfed in fairy tales and legends for eight nights. The people that have agreed to be the onis for the dance this year will have a dark surprise...myths are real and they are waiting...and hungry.. Warning: Swearing, Gore and Sexual Suggestions will be in here.
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Please Don't Feed the Tchan
For all things Pet Shop of Horrors related topics.
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I want to see a hp crossover fic where Harry meets Cound D befor he go to Hogwarts or over the summer of his school year and i want you to promies to finsh it it can be yaoi or whatever but harry has to be in it.
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Petshop of Horror stories written by allroadslead2coffee
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