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Pretty Rhythm New Year
Create your OC and compete in competitions and events to earn CC and cards! *VERY ACTIVE*
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Pretty Rhythm: Academy Time!
Okay... To make it easier... (Rather than putting this in my old forum :P I decided to make this so Academy Students will learn Prism Shows and now call Pripara in their lives! PV is still available but now in Pripara, we have PriCash! PRC! And for others will use PriVisa! PRV! So get ready to go into my new Pripara X Pretty Rhythm Forum! XD ***ACTIVE*** A sister forum of Pretty Rhythm: Prism Idol of PRxAikatsu!
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Idol Generation
Create your idol and compete in competitions and events to earn PC (Prism Cash) and clothing! *ACTIVE*
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Pretty rhythm aurora dream : new generation
create your own OCs,prism jumps,and much more..come and join!
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『 pretty design 』
。welcome to the sparkling world of 『 pretty design 』you have been accepted to this world of prism shows, acts, and lives . click on the Prism OC Creator to begin your idol-life! 。
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Studies Session!
Prism Star, Aikatsu Idols, Pripara Idols, and etc. helping each other with schoolworks. If you join any of the other forums then you automatically have a account on this. You don't have to be in any of the other forums to participate.
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Pretty Rhythm:The New Idol Of Our Generation
Come! We are active everyday! Create OCs and RP here! We will have the Prism Queen Cup in December, once Oc accepted, you will have a starter pack,and you can go RP and Play! Please come here and enjoy here! We also have Prism Cafe and Prism Stone and Aikatsu Shop too! Please come here and Invite your freinds! HAPPY RPing AND PLAYING!
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Star Academy
Our aim at Star Academy is to train and teach young boys and girls into Idols, Designers, Producers and even Musicians. The Academy is a co-educated school, which means both girls and boys get the best opportunity to learn and grow through experience in many different activities we call Idol Activities. We also focus on letting the students express themselves, shine as bright as the moon, be who they are and simply have fun in doing what they love.
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