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NXYZ Community a Community for OC Writers FORUM
This forum is linked to the NXYZ Community Community. This forum welcomes all OC Writers who wish to improve more their writing, help fellow writers improve, and avoid the creation of more Mary Sues peacefully.
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POT stands for Pointless but Original Talking!
Discuss the anime, the manga, the fandom, the game... Everything that can touch Prince of Tennis! You can also find beta readers, friends and flooding.
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Prince of Tennis Role Play
Role play for Prince of Tennis O.C and Canon characters welcomed! I check my rps everyday. ... I need a life XP
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RYOSAKU L Squad Productions
For all RyoSaku and nonyaoi fans of Prince of Tennis. Tell why you support the pairing and meet others who support it too. Share fic ideas, links to nonyaoi POT goodness, whatever!
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Prince of Tennis RP
Roleplaying for Prince of Tennis. Have a good time!
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Oujisama no Sekai
¡Retos de raquetas! ¡Nuevas técnicas! ¡Parejas de pistas de cesped o tierra! ¡Bienvenidos al mundo de Prince of tenis donde tú eres el ingrediente principal. Reta a alguien a un duelo de fics. Habla de tus parejas favoritas. ¡Comenta tus opiniones del manga! ¡Disfruta y echa unos partidos!
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Prince of Tennis RP
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Weird Pairings
Is there an odd pairing that you just seem to love? Talk about it here.
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Tensai Fuji Syuusuke
All Fuji lovers unite! Love the blue eyed tensai? So do we, talk about him, his love life and what makes him number 1 in our hearts!
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Tenipuri: Fanfic & Challenge Forum
Have ideas, but no time to write? Would like to see someone try something different? Or perhaps you need inspiration? Come in, and share ideas with your fellow readers & writers of tenipuri fanfiction!
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When Fans Meet
A forum for readers and writers to talk about PoT, its characters, plots, and many more! Advertising, Concrit Requests, Requests for other stuff, and challenge-postings welcome!
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PoT : The Tennis no Oujisama Forum
Want to advertise your fanfic, recommend a PoT song, discuss the Tenimyu cast, share fanart, and look for other people like yourself? Then this forum is the perfect PoT forum for you! Please take a look!
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Hyoutei, Hyoutei, Hyoutei
Title says it all...
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Canon vs OC
The line between canon and OC. Read first, judge later. Where did all the good writers go?
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PoT GenderBender Lovers UNITE!
A place where the only requirement is you gotta love genderbending! xD
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Your Fav Prince of Tennis Character,Episode,Story
Anything PoT! Your fav character? Add a photo link if you'd like so everyone can admire. :P Your fav episode? I LIKE THE JUNIOR SENBATSU TOURNAMENT! Your fav fanfiction story? Alpha, Perfect, OT5, OC stories. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! LUV PoT 4EVER
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the best RYo pairing
we see Ryoma as the ultimate uke in most yaoi pot fics. who do you think is best to be with Ryomasama? would it be the calm, stoic TEzuka? or the sadistic Fuji? its time for you to speak up and fight for your fave Ryoma pair!
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Insanity Inflicted: Prince of Tennis
The Twinnesses, Kiasidira Ixari and Aventria, present an all-rounder Prince of Tennis forum, purely dedicated to the break-age of brains and to the spread-age of the Prince of Tennis fandom disease. Join the Insanitarium. We dare you.
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Rikkai Dai Fuzoku
A place where you can talk about anything concerning the school Rikkai Dai.
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Mada Mada Dane: Our favorite Uke, Echizen Ryoma
It's all about Ryoma, we'll see here, this is a YAOI forum and please tell me why you like Ryoma, favorite pairings and the sorts, as long as it includes RYOMA! Your thoughts about OT5, Sakuno, and other things... but please respect each others opinions.
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Thrill Pair
[It all started with 'This thrill... I love it.'] Discuss hints in the manga, anime and anything related to PoT. Also, why you think this pairing stands out and why you think it works. Rec fics, sites, whatever. Thrill Pair ni katsu no wa mada hayai yo!
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Questions and Answers
Have a question that you want to ask everyone who knows what Prince of Tennis is? Ask it, and maybe someone will answer you. Random questions allowed!
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OT5 Love Forum
Alright, this forum is for anyone who wants to talk about anything OT5. PM me if you'd like to become a moderator. Everyone can create a topic, but please refrain from doing anything that breaks the Terms of Service. Well happy foruming! Kin
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Ryoma and whole bishounens whatnot?
Yeah, we knew Ryoma is the cute uke and all. But I want to hear hints and reasons, mangabased or animebased, why made one bishounen is suitable for our little O'chibichan?
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Tenipuri World
¿Te gusta PoT? ¿Eres fan del anime o manga? ¡Pues éste es tú lugar! Foro dedicado tanto al anime como al manga de Prince of Tennis; encontrarás topic, retos, juegos, entre otros. ¿Te apuntas?
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