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Princess Tutu Roleplay
Let's say Duck didn't turn back into a Duck and was able to stay a girl forever. But, not is all as it seems, for the Raven is still hunting for everyone. No one is safe, especially your heart.
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Princess Tutu Roleplay
What would have happened if Duck/Ahiru was transformed back into a human girl. What would have happened if Rue and Mytho returned? Come here to find out! In this forum, we get to RP as Canon and OCs!
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Princess Tutu RP
Were starting this from the beginning of the show.
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Princess Tutu Chat!
We can talk about anything related to Princess Tutu! You can even yell at me for not update my story for Princess Tutu! Just come in and chat!
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Princess Tutu: Season 3!
I want to find ways for ADV to get enough money to make the third season or the third chapter of Princess Tutu. Post what you think might happen in the next season of Princess Tutu if it were to come out or where you can propose ideas to help the cause.
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Princess Tutu: Kapitel des Schwan
"May those who accept their fate be granted Happiness. May those who defy their fate be granted Glory." -RP Forum- Began **2/16/2014**
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Princess Tutu challenges
Cause we Tutu fans don't have one yet, heres a place to put those stories you want to write, but just can't.
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I love Fakir and Duck!
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The Duck and her Prince
I decided to create a forum for the pairing of Ahiru and Mytho since there wasn't any and I love these two as a couple.
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Rp Princess Tutu Plain Princess Tutu Chat
As the title says, Its a forum for RP. and for just regular talk about Princess Tutu
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Destinos Escritos
Un rinconcito para hablar sobre todo el universo de Princess Tutú, ya que desafortunadamente no hay muchos por acá.
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What should the true ending be to Princess Tutu?
Working on a Princess Tutu Doujinshi, need a most reasonable continuation to the Anime. One that makes sense.
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Princess Tutu Roleplay: The New chapter
The story was said to have ended when the Prince, along with his princess, destroyed the Raven freeing the town of its grip. But what one wouldn't know was that when one ended...a new one begun.
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chapter 4
a new chapter of princess tutu 2
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Fakir and Rue
Well this forum is for Fakir and Rue pairing. It seems like no one really likes them. If your a fan of Fakir/Rue come on in and share your ideas.
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I want an anime manga like
have you ever loved an anime/manga to death and then wanted to find something like it, but couldn't? I'll start it here: I'd like something like Princess Tutu, so if you have anything, post it's name and perhaps what it has in common? -OR- ask for somethi
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Any Princess Tutu scenes that you imagined could have ended in a better way? Any favorite pairings? Any better endings in mind? All are welcome!
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I think I'm loosing my mind
For anyone who swears they read a story but just can't seem to find it anymore.
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